Jim Beam’s “The Girlfriend” Ad

December 6, 2007 9:31 PM

Ladies, you want to know how to be the perfect girlfriend? You just have to behave and think like this girl does. You don’t have to look exactly like her although it wouldn’t hurt. Bonus points if you’ve got a sexy accent.

p.s. – Yes, men are such scum but you love us anyway. :mrgreen:

10 thoughts on “Jim Beam’s “The Girlfriend” Ad

  1. Papa

    Does Jim Beam have a blonde girl talking like this? If not, they should make one with not only a blonde, but a redhead, and a brown haired girl as well, unfortunately alcoholism might increase in the year those commercials are released.

    Why would most girls be jealous of their guys going to a strip club? Check it out. In strip clubs you can’t touch them, but they can touch you, but face it, those ladies are working for moolah, so they’re only going to touch you to get more money, and when your money runs out, so do the dancers. The vast majority of men who go to strip clubs get drunk, get broke, and leave frustrated until they make it home or find their significant other to release what got built up in the strip club, but that’s if they have a girlfriend to begin with. I’m not condoning strip clubs, but in my opinion there’s an irony here that most woman think they’ll lose their boyfriend at a strip club, when in actuality their boyfriend is going to want to keep their girls around and not away.

  2. Lisa Y

    There’s this terrible misconception that most girls are jealous of these things. I’ve also met men who are unreasonably jealous of their girlfriends but everyone seems to think that it’s appropriate for men to do so (claiming their “territory”) because the woman going out to have fun is likely a slut who sleeps around. In fact, I think jealousy is a very primitive reaction in claiming one’s “territory” or “ownership”. But we call it obsessing or stalking these days.

    If a man needs to get the sexual build up at strip club before going home, that’s kinda sad, don’t you think? However, if the man go to the strip club with the wife or girlfriend to get the build up, that would be perfect. I wouldn’t mind that. Heck, I wouldn’t mind going to strip clubs by myself. My boyfriend and I always look at girls and guys worth looking at and commenting on them.

    I used to be jealous of many things but as I get older, I find that if things want to happen, there’s very little anyone could do to stop it.

  3. mooiness Post author

    mf: yes, men.

    Papa: I agree about the strip club thing though one may get addicted to the fantasy of good looking women fawning over them. Either he’s single or the relationship at home has gotten so bad that he prefers to live in a pretend place.

    Lisa Y: now see, you are a good girlfriend to want to go to a strip club with your boyfriend. Great girlfriend even! And about the jealousy – I think the same way. Madam, you are truly enlightened. 🙂

    blur ting: hahah yeah I wish and I want very much. Thank you! Heh. I’m sure your boyfriend would realise that the ad is actually playing up men’s idiocies when it comes to women. A women like that does not exist. *sob*


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