Paul van Dyk at Metro City Perth

December 9, 2007 6:33 PM


Let me start out by saying that I was disappointed by Paul van Dyk’s demeanour and attitude towards the crowd on Friday night. His set started out good and us punters showed him lotsa appreciation by waving, hooting and shouting. But he never acknowledged the crowd and he cut short his set by walking off abruptly. He even stuck his middle finger as he left.

There are speculations that his flight to Sydney was brought forward or that he was disappointed Metro City was not at capacity. That still doesn’t justify him showing attitude towards those of us who paid good money to come see him. In terms of professionalism and enthusiasm, Armin van Buuren totally PWNs him.

And if it wasn’t for the local supporting DJs (Adam Kelly, Kriece and Kenny L) the night would have been even worse.

You can read more about what some other people thought in these two forum threads:
WTF with PVD pulling the middle finger in the end – Teknoscape Forums
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That said, here are the pictures taken on the night. I went with my usual cohorts Simon, Gary and Lydia. Lydia’s friend Sharon was also there but she left early.

gary-lydia-simon sharon-lydia

All of us met people whom we know from around the place. I bumped into AJ whose picture I’ve taken before from past raves (that’s her on the right in the bottom-right photo), and made some new friends on the night as a result. 🙂

lydia-gary-friend lydia-scott
david-lydia amber-me-aj

Lighting on the night was good.

lighting-tech lights-crowd-3
stage-crowd-2 lights-crowd-5

Just for some variation from all the pictures of Metro City Perth that I’ve taken over the past few events, here are the various bars of the place.

metro-red-bar metro-bar-2
bar-crowd-2 bar-crowd

Here’s the usual gallery of random punters. These friendly people and the local DJs really helped to salvage the night. If you see yourself here, feel free to download the pictures by clicking on them or going to my Flickr set which has more photos taken on the night. 🙂

punters6 punters5
punters4 punters3
punters2 punters1

And I’ll finish off with the highlight clip of the night (16:01).

Paul van Dyk at Metro City Perth from Marcus Ooi on Vimeo.

17 thoughts on “Paul van Dyk at Metro City Perth

  1. juji


    interesting comments on ts about the fact that he only plays “good” sets to full crowds. (something to that effect)

    in my experience perth crowds (regardless of genre) seem to be good ones, even at their smallest! even new things like dub-step pull excited punters who are more than happy to have a good time (even if there are only about twenty of them in the room).

    seems a shame an international wasn’t up to it… he still gets paid anyway ….

  2. girlstar7

    I read your blog and the forums. Interesting. I wonder why he behaved so strangely….I think it will be interesting to see how his other gigs in Australia go, and if there is a similar outcome.

  3. mooiness Post author

    blur ting: hahah yeah the camera is better than my old one but what you see here is also after I’ve culled over 1000 bad ones. And yeah pity the night didn’t live up to expectations.

    juji: I agree totally – Perth crowds may be smaller but when we go to an event big or small, we are always enthusiastic. And yes he got paid the same regardless, so for him to pull a tantrum like that was very unprofessional.

    girlstar7: he didn’t stop early in Sydney but ppl who went agree that his set was not consistent and not as good as they’ve expected.

  4. Katie

    It sucks when you pay good money to go see someone and you have expectations and then they suck and throw it in your face. You guys should have rushed the stage and slapped him. Or at least thrown things at him.

  5. Lad Litter

    Great photos, Moo. Quite the snaparazzo, you are. Captured the good-time feeling.

    Pardon my late baby-boomer self-absorption but I’m as familiar with Van Dyk and his ouevre as I am with the desert wastes of Mars. I understand how musical artists don’t have to be musicians, though. I might admire a record producer for manipulating effects and creative mixing. Not so far apart, no?

    Besides, looks like there were heaps of chicks there.

  6. mooiness Post author

    Lad Litter: thanks for the compliment! 🙂

    Yeah good DJs are known mainly for their ability to create unique sounds from other people’s (and sometimes their own) recordings and for making it all mix together seamlessly, and for that elusive flow where you go up and down like a rollercoaster.

    And yeah there were quite a few chicks on the night.

  7. sophia

    I was disappointed by PVD’s attitude as well. Before that I was hoping that he might play better this year than last year. But last Friday was worse than last year, wasted the money. But my friends said that he acted that way because he had a huge gig in Sydney the next day and he had a plane to catch.


  8. mooiness Post author

    herman: yup you would’ve felt worse if you had paid money for it. 😉

    Papa: Hah well there probably were. Though I was there to have fun primarily. The photo-taking was secondary.

    sophia: That is true (apparently he had two shows in Sydney lined up on the same night) but if that was the case, the promoters fucked up by not communicating that he was gonna leave early. Even if they had found out late about it, print outs on the walls and pillars saying this and apologising would have gone a long way.

    PvD is still a dick for sticking out his middle finger though.

  9. sophia

    Yeah, heard that it was a HUGE line-up in Sydney. How I wish I was there! Hahaha… I didn’t see PVD sticking out the middle finger though, but my friend told me on that night itself and he was so mad about it. AVB is like a thousand times better than PVD now.

    If PVD performed bad due to the lack of crowd and lack of enthusiasms of crowds that night, then I will be so disappointed. Coz as a DJ, he should always play according to his standard and he should know how to tease the crowds, etc.

    I had more fun at GK and AVB than this one. Would think twice if he ever comes to Perth again. =)

  10. mooiness Post author

    sophia: I agree totally about working with the crowd – any DJ would have learnt that during their early non-famous days. And yes AvB + GK > PvD. And I read on the forums that AvB will be back next year. Yay! 😀

    And yup Sydney’s line up was mad – Yoji Biomehanika was there!

  11. sophia

    Yeah, Yoji Biomehanika was there!!! He was in KL last year if I am not mistaken and my friends were all there. I missed out… urrrgghh… I am looking forward to Future Music Festival 2008!! ^^

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