Forever Young

December 13, 2007 11:08 PM

Gary, Lydia, Simon and I


For as long as I’ve known Simon, that has been our usual text messages to each other on our nights out. The venues may have changed over the years, but the implied meaning hasn’t. We’d meet at the usual time and at the usual spot of the clubs. In what I’d consider my core group are also Lydia and her boyfriend Gary. Individually we all have other friends but if any of of us messages to go out, we’d show up without fail.

As clubbing friends, we are pretty tight.

The people in the extended group which we’d hang out together with, age between the early 20s and the early 30s (I’ve got two more years to say that, woohoo!). We are all into dance music and the nightclub scene. During the week, we work or study and on the weekends, we let loose together.

We don’t talk to each other that much during the week but that’s only because we are all very stable characters. You can even call us sedate. We don’t depend on each other emotionally, and we are not each other’s crutches. I believe that we are all very strong and independent individuals. A few emails or Facebook pokes are enough to sustain the sense of connection. It’s pretty amazing like that.

Our health, bodies and minds are still up for a good time listening and dancing to hyper tunes in dark indoor interiors or at outdoor raves surrounded by hundreds, sometimes thousands of other like-minded individuals. I wonder how long will this all last. Sometimes when I think ahead to that inevitable time when we all would stop doing this and I’d feel sad. I don’t feel good that it will end some day.

Though, Ricardo Urgell, the owner of the Ibiza superclub Pacha is nearly in his 70s and Hugh Hefner is 81 this year. They are both still up for a good time. Maybe my group can manage to last till we are about that age?

If they can live a young person’s life, why not us? But I guess the one BIG difference is that they are so rich that they don’t have to worry about working to survive anymore. Maybe the absence of worrying about money gives a person an extended lease on life?

So who knows how it will pan out for us. But no matter how long this will last, I’m looking forward to clubbing into my old age and making the young’uns cringe in disgust. :rocking: :mrgreen:

16 thoughts on “Forever Young

  1. sophia

    I am always the oldest among my friends (some are 5 to 6 years younger than me) and my friends are always wondering why I always have more enthusiasm to go clubbing than them! Hehehe… I always tell them, young at heart!!! I am gonna party no matter how old I am! =)

  2. Papa

    I can’t believe I wrote that comment earlier. Here, this is what I really meant to say, “Just try not to run over any young blonde girls feet when you’re out there in a stroller or wheelchair. 😛

    It’s fine to like all kinds of women, especially the blondes. 😀

  3. mooiness Post author

    Cherisher: true that, like how our parents dance to music from the 50s and 60s.

    Papa: that blonde thing again?! if I’m in a wheelchair I think that’s a sign to put up my dancing shoes. I’ll just sit at home in glorious 3D Hologram-O-Vision ™.

    mf: you say that but you are secretly creeped out by those older guys in a club right? Right? Heheh.

    sophia: you and me both! Party on!

  4. girlstar7

    Interesting how you have different types of friends. YOu mention that you and your clubbing friends don’t depend on each other emotionally nor do you speak much during the week. I also have some friends like this. We go out and party together but we don’t have deep and meaningfuls or meet up for lunch during the week.
    I also have other friends that don’t go out and party, but they are the ones I might depend on emotionally.
    Interesting what different types of friends you have.
    Party hard this weekend! 😛

  5. mooiness Post author

    girlstar7: yeah friends for different moods and occasions. I don’t have friends for my emotional needs actually, got my family for that – guess I’m pretty stable. And yes, party hard!

    mf: yeah see, but of course those older guys may be quite decent and all. Like me eventually. Hahah!

    blur ting: if I can help pass on my young-at-heartedness, it’s all good! 🙂

  6. girlstar7

    True true – but despite being stable you still need some friends for emotional needs, in case something happens to your family (as was the case with me). Just nice to know there is someone to turn to in case something goes wrong…never take what you’ve got for granted, and once you NEED the emotional support, you certainly won’t take the support your friends give you for granted. Luckily, nothing bad enough has happend (for example, to your family), that you’ve needed it. 🙂

  7. mooiness Post author

    girlstar7: I think it’s because I have a large extended family and they are more or less not dysfunctional that I never felt the need for emotional support from friends. Though I get what you are saying, sometimes non-family people can grasp your situation better.

  8. rn

    some friends will always know when you need to talk. some friends will always be there even though they feel helpless. And some friends are just…. our best friends. =) We are blessed!

  9. mooiness Post author

    bm: yeah that song is so moving, no matter how many times I’ve heard it. 🙂

    rn: definitely – good friends and family are what’s really important. Everything else is just icing.

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