Blogging my 2007 Singapore holiday

December 21, 2007 4:18 PM


I’ll be in Singapore till the 2nd of January, 2008. While I’m there, I will be meeting up with friends old and new, going out partying and drinking, and eating lotsa yummy food so I should have lotsa pictures to show and stories to tell.

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5 thoughts on “Blogging my 2007 Singapore holiday

  1. sophia

    I wanna go back for holidays too!!!! sigh… shouldn’t have enrolled in summer course!!! I feel kinda regret now. Have fun in Singapore!!!! Merry Christmas to you!

  2. mooiness Post author

    sophia: thanks! I will!

    Lisa: thanks! I will try not to rub it in too much. 😛

    Lupin: yup arrive last night. Shall msg you my prepaid SIM.

    weiliang: cool – shall email you my prepaid SIM. am staying with a friend near Queenstown MRT station.


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