Day 6-8 in Singapore 2007

December 31, 2007 1:22 PM

The start of Thursday, day 6 was spent lazing about in the morning. Mid-afternoon around 4pm I set out to meet up with Wai Loong and Hendra, friends of mine from uni. We caught up over Portugese tarts and ying-yong tea (coffee mixed with tea). Both of them are parents of two kids and counting, and both are very established in their careers.

Like with all of my friends here, they too asked me “when are you coming to Singapore?” The difference this time was that Wai Loong mentioned that his company may have a position for me. That got me excited a bit and I began to think of the possibilities. Then I thought I shouldn’t get too carried away for now because I still have to send in my resume and have interviews with them.

Which is why I haven’t told my parents yet, even after they rang to wish me happy birthday 2 days later. Unless of course, they are reading this now! Hi mom and dad! 😛

In the mean time, I’m also thinking of what I’ll be missing from Perth – friends and family foremost including Snoop my Staffordshire Terrier, the easy-going and laid-back lifestyle, my car and the freedom to drive everywhere at anytime. But I’ll be gaining valuable life and working experience if I make the move.

The next day, Friday, Yvonne and I met up with Robert for lunch. Then we had kaya on toast, and butter with sugar on toast with tea. Foods which are traditionally breakfast food, but has become trendy snacks.

robert kayu-toast-teh

That night we were heading to Movida at St James (again!). But before that, Vincent, Robert and I had dinner at Kopitiam in the basement of Vivo City.

vincent robert-eating

I had the fried prawn mee (thanks Dreymer!) – it’s tangy and sourish from the squeezed lime, with a smokey flavour that you can only get from a big hot wok. I think at this stage of my trip, “yum” is a superfluous term by now. 😉


At Movida, Latin girls make me happy.


People who joined us at Movida include Boon, Vincent’s cousin who’s a fellow Perthite and is now working in London, my cousin Yvonne and Vincent’s friend Irene.

me-irene-boon-vincent movida-group

Thanks to the copious amount of alcohol, including shooters and flaming lamborghinis …


Many happy faces were induced.


And because it was my birthday, I got smashed and woke up really hung over the next morning. Sorry, no incriminating pictures here! Move along now! :mrgreen:

The next day around 12pm, the trooper that I am, I headed to Blinkymummy’s place to hang out. Being hungover and squeezed in together with people of various odours and smells, on a swaying and rocking train was an interesting experience. 😛

We had take-away chicken rice, wine and then tea. I always feel blessed to have friends where doing nothing together is fun. I played with her cats, browsed Cracked and cracked up together, and we talked about my potential move, and potential things to watch out for living in Singapore.

Time flies when you are having fun … before I knew it, it was time to head back to Rob’s place to get ready for dinner and another night out in the city. This night’s festivities was spent at Roomful of Blues.


It was situated on a road occupied by various other refurbished shophouses.

bar-shophouse bars-shophouses

With epic glasses of Hoegaarden, a pretty waitress and an energetic and enthusiastic Jazz band performing, we all had a great time.


12 thoughts on “Day 6-8 in Singapore 2007

  1. blur ting

    Good to know you’re still having fun! You sure love the night scene. In one trip, I think you’ve covered more than what I’ve done in XX years!

    Happy belated birthday and a great year ahead!

  2. mooiness Post author

    sylvia: thanks and same to you!

    nadnut: drats! missed ya then! I was at china one and then MOS.

    sourrain: not confirmed yet! definitely not counting my chickens before they hatch!

    Katie: heheh, that skinny arm is that of the waiter trying to light the flaming lamborghini.

    Dabido: thanks man! you too!

    Cazzie: thanks, and happy new year to you too!

    blur ting: hahah yeah I’ve crammed a lot in on this short trip. Happy NY to you too!

    Lupin: thanks dude – pity we didn’t get to catch up this time.

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