Day 9-11 in Singapore 2007

January 3, 2008 8:59 PM

the-art-of-mee-pok tua-kong-lau-lim

On Sunday morning, I woke up to meet up with my cousins Leanne and Yvonne for lunch. Leanne took me to a place in Bedok famous for mee-pok, called wittily “The Art of Mee Pok”. Here’s what mee-pok looks like – it’s flat wheat noodles tossed with prawns, mince pork, and fish-balls in a savoury sauce.


After the good feed, I relaxed for a while at Leanne’s place before heading out via train to Vivo City. I was meeting up with Wai-Loong and Hendra again for dinner and a movie – sounds like a high-school date, doesn’t it? After the movie, we had some you-tiao and soy-milk drink. The whole night cost less than SGD30. You don’t need lotsa money to be entertained when you are with old friends. 🙂

The next day, New Year’s Eve I had lunch once again with my cousins, and also my cousin-in-law Chong-Ee. This time we had Penang food – can’t remember the place but it was near Lutheran Road. Quite good actually, and very authentic.

Then I followed them to Meidi-Ya, a Japanese supermarket where they shopped for their hot pot dinner for the night’s celebration. The Japanese celebrate their new year this night too so there were a lot more of them than usual in the place. Not complaining because the nice-looking Japanese women were out too. :mrgreen:

Continuing on with the Japanese theme, that night Robert, Vincent and I joined up with a big bunch of friends at Tampopo Ramen (also at the same place as Meidi-Ya) for a Japanese dinner. I had kyoshu ramen. It looks like this. The orange stuff on top is salmon roe I think.


After dinner, it was off to China One for drinks and the countdown. Clarke Quay that night was packed.


We drank, we mingled, we laughed and we counted down.


The rest of the night was a blur. I remember stumbling into the steaming pile of humanity that was the over-crowded Ministry of Sound club, and danced my head off to trance and electronica. When we next stumble out around 3:30am, this was what I saw …

Lots of police and lots of tired and weary but happy people jostling for the very limited taxis.

mos-police after-party-crowd

We must have walked around the neighbourhood for 2 hours before we finally caught a taxi. By the time we got home it was 6am, and we were sticky and dirty, and already feeling hung over. At least I was. After showering and before going to sleep, I made myself throw up and then drank lotsa water and a big mug of Milo. It didn’t work – although I slept through the next 10 hours, I woke up to dry wretch every so often, and to a big spanking headache at 4pm.

Was it fun? Would I do it again? Strangely, yes. But maybe with a little less alcohol next time. 😛


Wow, it’s New Year’s Day and it’s more than half-way over already! Argh. Never mind that because I was now feeling ravenous. Around 6:30pm, Rob, Vincent and I headed out to dinner at Bugis. Bugis is one of my favourite parts of Singapore. It’s got eateries, cafes, restaurants and a big shopping mall. Everything that every other Singaporean neighbourhood has but it’s got great character.


Dinner was at Xin Yuan Ji behind Bugis Junction, which serves really good fish-head noodles and hot pot.


We ordered a hot pot and some dishes and rice to share. There’s something to be said about the first meal after barfing your guts out the night before – it’s stupendously satisfying. Hahah!

fish-hot-pot xin-yuan-ji-dinner

After the excellent dinner, we went to the nearby Toast Box to sit down and have some local tea and coffee. None of that Starbucks crap and cheaper too!

toast-box-bugis toast-box-counter

The next morning, I would be flying back to Perth. So it was fitting that I spent my last night in Singapore with two old chums whom I go a long way back with. Incidentally, they are flying back to Perth for Chinese New Year. See you guys real soon!

toast-box-robert toast-box-vincent

12 thoughts on “Day 9-11 in Singapore 2007

  1. rn

    mee pok was the sole thing my sister REALLY missed all her years in sydney and shanghai because you can import everything else, even laksa, but you can’t import mee pok

  2. mooiness Post author

    herman: yes it is as good as it look. yum.

    bm: hahah good advice! as for the other thing, well – one avenue may be closed for now, but there are others available. 🙂

    rn: true that. as for the tag … you may tag me, but it doesn’t mean I’ll do it. Hahah!

  3. mooiness Post author

    blur ting: I think the saying “looking at it with new eyes” is true. Sometimes when things become normal and routine to you, you wouldn’t spot what’s so special about it anymore. Kinda like taking it for granted. 🙂

    mf: hey, at least you have the option to go get mee-pok if you wanted to. Now that I’m back, I can only reminisce on how good it was. *drool*

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