Going to Summadayze Perth 2008

January 6, 2008 12:07 PM

Am going to Summadayze Perth 2008 this afternoon. We are planning to be there from 3pm till closing at 10pm. The tricky part would be to pick one or two spots and stay there. Because of the crowds and the fact that it’s spread across two big fields this year (previous years they held it at Supreme Court Gardens only, right side of the map), trekking around may take time and cause us to miss out on parts of the acts that we want to catch.

I’m not taking my camera this time. In fact, I’m thinking I’m gonna take a break from shooting pics for the events that I go to this year. I am realising that what I complained about in 2006 is true – “blogging is cramping my real life“. I can’t truly have fun when I’m worrying about taking photos or a video.

100% fun here we come! :mrgreen:

Summadayze Perth 2008

4 thoughts on “Going to Summadayze Perth 2008

  1. blur ting

    know what you mean. I seem to take pictures before I even do anything (especially sit down and eat!) these days. It’s all for the blog! Enjoy yourself this time but hope the memories can stay in your head, like 10 years later. i forget everything I see these days.

  2. mooiness Post author

    I will still write about it though. But yeah not having to stop and take pictures yesterday, and just dancing all the way through was phenomenal. Reminded me why I liked going to these things so much.

    If you are afraid of forgetting stuff, then write it down. Blog is short for “weblog” after all. 🙂


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