She was pretty until she opened her mouth

January 11, 2008 11:40 PM

Recently I met a woman whom I had a good first impression of. Mind you, the first impression was purely physical. She gave me no choice by what she wore. Nice face, nice skin and very nice cleavage. Then over the next few encounters that I had with her, I liked her less and less.

She is the kind of person who likes to tell you her opinion on everything that you are talking about, even when we didn’t ask for it, and even when the topic was personal between the other person and me. She butts in when we didn’t include her in the conversation. She’s the type who if she had walked into the room and heard laughter, thinks that you are laughing at her. Or if the joke was not about her, she’d ask you to repeat it so that she can join in.

Yeah I know. Fucking annoying right?!

But she was a friend of a friend so I didn’t say anything. Although I did look away and grit my teeth a few times, that was the extent of it. I was quietly saying to myself, “Surely I can’t be the only person who thinks this?” Then a mutual friend came over to me and said,

“Gees, she sure talks a lot of shit.”

Hahah! I was so relieved in finding a kindred spirit that I hugged the guy and said, “I know right?!”

Shame really. She was pretty until she opened her mouth.

23 thoughts on “She was pretty until she opened her mouth

  1. yurl

    rofl I’ve met a couple of girls like that too. so beutiful but i wish they’d shut up. fortunately the mind is a wonderful thing. you can still fantasise about her in silent movie mode.

  2. mooiness Post author

    ckl: I think it has to be done by a complete stranger, or our friend who she’s closer with.

    yurl: well, the noise level is so high such that it breaks through the noise-cancelling headphones that you can’t possibly fantasise in silent movie mode.

    herman: doesn’t work for me – I prefer my women audible if you know what I’m saying. Hahah!

  3. mooiness Post author

    mf: sadly, I don’t think she does.

    Lupin: erm, I’m not demanding. I’d settle for a person who wasn’t annoying.

    Sheylara: one thing I didn’t mention above is she also likes to correct other people’s grammar when there isn’t a need and nobody cares. Like this …

    Me: Well, you know me and my friends …
    She: Excuse me, “my friends and I”.
    Me: *grrrr*

  4. blur ting

    Oh dear, so annoying. At least she’s beautiful enough to make a good first impression. Hmm, this really proves the point that beauty is not everything.

  5. Jeremy

    You know Mooi.. you could always keep her mouth full. Then when she tries to talk or make any noise, you could correct her like she does you and say “please don’t talk with your mouth full. I don’t like the feeling of it.”


  6. girlstar7

    I have also met male equivalents. Gorgeous face, amazing body, lots of sex appeal…until they open their mouth. An annoying personality can turn you off faster than anything. It’s amazing how looks can become irrevelant when the person has the personality of a brick wall.
    Similarly, you can meet someone who may not be traditionally good-looking but their personality just makes them seem so much more attractive.
    This girl sounds like a real pain in the ass! She probably thinks with her looks she can get away with it. Little does she know how annoying people find her! Do you think she realises??

  7. mooiness Post author

    blur ting: and beauty may get ppl to want to talk to you, but you still need a personality to make them stick around.

    mf: yes very irritating.

    waddafak: hopefully I wouldn’t.

    BigZ: hahah nice one.

    Jeremy: woohoo, yeah I’d hate that feeling too. And not to mention, the dangers of being bitten. Hahah!

    alyndabear: no it isn’t. that’s why I’d much prefer being around good looking ppl that are more down to earth.

    girlstar7: no, unfortunately I don’t think she does. but I think she got the hint after a while when I ignore her completely instead of reacting to what she says.

  8. Katie

    Haha that quote is a classic! I hate it when people always butt in, especially when they make everything about themselves. Sometimes it’s polite to just shut the hell up and let someone else have the spotlight for a few minutes!

  9. joey

    Hey, i think sometimes im guilty for the behaviour like the gal mentioned above. And i do notice that i do indulge in some kind of verbal vomit like that when i’m in the mood to irritate

    But after reading this, i’ll kip in mind that there are pple ard who feel like chewing their ears off when subject to my “verbal abuse”

    No hard feelings here..just sharing how the subject discussed might have been feeling 🙂

  10. mooiness Post author

    steph: I didn’t feel like mutilating myself but I did feel like slapping her silly. Heheh.

    Katie: yeah in my head I was constantly yelling, “Shut the fuck up!!!!”

    Joey: thanks for telling your side of the story. 🙂


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