Tech Support Hell: 10 types of difficult customers

January 17, 2008 6:33 PM

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  1. They are always rude and angry.
  2. They don’t listen to your instructions because they think that they know more than you and insists that it’s not their fault.
  3. They are not willing to learn. They believe it is their right to ask you to do it for them every single time, because they have already paid for the service.
  4. They take advantage of your easy-going nature and ask for extraordinary favours.
  5. They confuse the issue and have contacted the wrong people, eg. calling the shop that sold them the computer about a faulty software that they’ve downloaded, and insist that you help them anyway.
  6. They lie about the problem causing you to go on wild goose chases that lead nowhere.
  7. And then they get impatient when you can’t solve their problem.
  8. When you tell them that it may take up to a day, they email you every hour on the hour to see if maybe somehow the Gods have smiled on them, and all kinds of rules and logic do not apply to them, and their issue has been miraculously fixed.
  9. They change their mind after the item/order has been delivered. Their complaints always start with, “If I had known it was going to be like this …”
  10. And after all of the above, they still complain about the price.

Those who do IT support will recognise the above instantly, though some types are applicable to all kinds of business. Have you guys got similar to share? Or as a customer calling up for support, have you been through your own tech support hell? 🙂

13 thoughts on “Tech Support Hell: 10 types of difficult customers

  1. an

    those circular things loh…
    you call dept x to ask something
    they refer you to dept y
    you call dept y
    they refer you to dept z
    you call dept z
    and they refer you to dept x…
    WTH! (&$*#&$*(&#$&(

  2. blur ting

    Tough job!

    I admit that I had lied to technicians before. For some reason, we always get thunderstorm at our place. My broadband router/modem had been blasted by lightning several times. I would bring the modem to the distributor and tell the technical guy “I don’t know why it suddenly stopped working when I woke up this morning.”

    The guy would perform some test and tell me it’s faulty and give me a new one. I did that several times. These days I use a surge protector and have since stopped having to drive all the way to the industrial estate to get the modem replaced….and lie to a technical guy.

  3. mooiness Post author

    An: ah the merry-go-round of hell. Like shown in “Just Follow Law”. 😀

    blur ting: I’m glad you can now see it from our point of view. And the surge protector is a good idea for all your electronics. 🙂

  4. mooiness Post author

    herman: yeah be glad that you don’t. Heheh.

    dreymer: you want support? I charge cheap cheap only. :mrgreen:

    dabido: I think all of us in the industry would know that show – The IT Crowd. Classic.


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