6 kinds of drugs is what killed Heath Ledger

February 7, 2008 10:49 PM

Heath Ledger memorial by Warner Brothers
(via The Dark Knight @ Warner Brothers)

It has been revealed today that Heath Ledger died from 6 kinds of drugs: 3 kinds of anti-depressants, 2 kinds of painkillers, and 1 common ingredient in over-the-counter cold medicine or sleeping aid.

Among the drugs found in his body were two widely prescribed narcotics: oxycodone, the main ingredient in the prescription drug OxyContin, and hydrocodone, the principal pain reliever in the prescription drug Vicodin.

There were also three anti-anxiety medications: diazepam, the generic name for Valium; alprazolam, commonly known as Xanax; and temazepam, sold under the brand name Restoril and often prescribed as a sleep medication.

Doxylamine was also found in his system. It is an ingredient in some over-the-counter sleeping pills, and some non-prescription cold medicines that contain decongestants.

Ledger’s deadly cocktail – Heath Ledger – Entertainment – smh.com.au

The amount of each individual drug in his system was low enough for the medical examiner to rule out suicide. It still makes you wonder though. Yes, the drugs could have been prescribed by different doctors who are not aware of other drugs that he may have been taking. And Heath may not know the dangers of mixing the drugs. But why take two different kinds of painkillers, three different kinds of anti-depressants, and sleeping pills in the one day? Surely, you don’t need to be a pharmacist or a doctor to know that that is an excessive amount of drugs.

If it was a suicide, it would have at least made some sense. As it is, it’s a senseless waste.

3 thoughts on “6 kinds of drugs is what killed Heath Ledger

  1. ckl

    He probably tried one kind, didn’t work so tried another. Maybe his problems bother him so much that he overlooked the consequences. I feel sad that he was alone, turning to one drug and another to try to feel better… You can be rich & famous but that doesn’t guarantee that you can sleep soundly at night…

  2. brandon

    3 anti depressants, there is a reason for that, being mentally ill and suicidal (myself) i have been scripted multiple anti depressants…so maybe he really was depressed…but that rest of the drugs he took clearly took them to get high, i too take xanax, if heath had panic attacks or anxiety the xanax would easily calm him, no need for valium and resotril along with the painkillers, i think he wanted to die….this is coming from somebody who has been there


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