Edison Chen sex scandal mania

February 8, 2008 8:40 PM

Typically my page views per day hover around the 500-550 mark. If I hit 600-700, that’s a good day. But the morning after I wrote about the Edison Chen sex photos scandal, this was what I woke up to:

My insane web traffic after I wrote about the Edison Chen sex scandal mania

Along with the expected visitors from around Asia, I also got visitors from the US, the UK, Australia, Canada, and Europe. I guess I underestimated the number of Chinese people who are actually interested about the news, which first broke about 2 weeks ago. And yet, people are still searching for the photos! Check out these search terms that landed people on my site:

The Edison Chen related search terms that landed people onto my site

And this was how many times the post was read:

The number of times the post was read on Wednesday

The number of times the post was read on Thursday and Friday

Holy smokes! And the traffic is going to go even higher because Friday isn’t over yet. Now it’s #3 #1 on my list of all-time most popular posts! While the other posts had slowly creep up the list as people read and commented on them, this Edison Chen one got up there in less than 3 days!

It’s so big news that it’s even got CNN talking about it yesterday, which probably caused a lot more people to go google it.

The glorious Internet age eh?

23 thoughts on “Edison Chen sex scandal mania

  1. clot

    ppl are simply just crazy but look at the specially made video, he didn’t really mean to make an apology, what he is doing is trying to get rid of the trouble for the future when the starlets are going to sue him for money as he is careless about keeping the photo as showing off to his friends. here’s a hot debate over his video:


    do you think he is innocent?

  2. mooiness Post author

    yurl: my ad clicks may have gone up, but it’s not quite enough for a new gadget yet. 😉

    clot: true that. his career seems to be over for now as well – who would want to work with him?!

    blur ting: heheh, yeah it’s pretty amazing.

    steph: you wouldn’t unless you know about the HK pop and movie scene. 🙂

    mf: no kidding!

  3. herman

    Man, Edison should take this chance, spin it around like PARIS HILTON !!

    Look, paris hilton got into a sex tape scandal, then, she used it to make her even more popular.

    Sounds like free publicity. eh ?

  4. mooiness Post author

    herman: if it had involved unknown women, then it would have been probably easier to pay off the problem so to speak. But this involves other famous ppl which makes it very hard to untangle. Plus, no one in those circles would be a friend of his anymore.

  5. mooiness Post author

    spinnee: yeah, it’s an interesting topic. happy CNY to you too!

    ezine: no joke – it’s been crazy.

    Katie: hahah! Although I didn’t post naked pictures per se, I merely posted about the existence of them. 😉

  6. Steven

    I thought after the Paris Hilton incident, celebrities will learn from the mistakes. Apparently not!
    Thanks to those stupid ppl, we have free entertainment and lots of fun!
    Thanks again…Edison Chen…You are my Hero!

  7. mooiness Post author

    nadnut: I think it was pure luck and good timing for me, that I was interested enough to write about it.

    Steven: exactly! his arrogance has finally caused his downfall.

    Nana: no worries! thanks to the other guys who provided the links.

  8. t@k0

    Serve him right for fooling around and thinking he’s a smart-alec. He doesn’t look a bit of remorse for his actions and expects people to stop looking at his shameless pictures? He shouldn’t have taken them in the first place.


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