8 thoughts on “Why Girls Don’t Fart

  1. mooiness Post author

    Dabido: it’s good stuff.

    bunnygoeszen: and we love you for maintaining the facade. We do!

    Lupin: heheh, even though everyone has gas I’d prefer my women be pristinely gas-free and sound-free. Yeah I’m a misogynistic bastard. :mrgreen:

  2. girlstar7

    Guys seem to have this bizarre belief that women aren’t actually human therefore don’t burp, fart, or go to the toilet. No idea where this comes from, it seems somewhat bizarre…I mean, although we’ve got different reproductive systems, we have the same digestive system!
    Also, in the early dating stages, it may be quite easy to hold in your farts, but try expecting a woman to be this perfect after ten years of marriage! If you wanna settle down with a woman, you’re gonna see her warts and all. If you’re expecting a woman who doesn’t ever have a pimple, fart in front of you, or let the odd burp slip out, then fellas, you’re never gonna get very far with the lay-dees!


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