Future Music Festival Perth 2008

March 3, 2008 12:35 PM

Wellington Square was huge and spacious but man it was so dusty! Some of my female friends who wore sandals had it all over their feet and legs. At first I thought they got really sun-tanned but it was dust! When I wiped the sweat off my brow, it was dark. Plus I had black dust caked under my fingernails and my snot was black too! Other than that, I had a fantastic time. Danced till my whole body was sore. 🙂

Highlights – Eddie Halliwell, Roger Sanchez, John Digweed, Markus Schultz and The Chemical Brothers. We heard the beginnings of Digweed and The Chemical Brothers’ sets but it took a while for them to build up the tempo. Whereas Eddie, Roger and Markus rocked it hard. The local boys in the FutureFunk tent – Evil Nine, Aesop Rock – were good too.

So what’s this about photos then? Old habits really die hard. I left my camera home as I’d promised myself for the duration of this year, but don’t you know it – my phone can take photos too! First, I took some scenery shots and before you know it, I was whipping out my phone instinctively when there’s a lull in the music. At one stage, I asked my friend Lydia to slap my hand if she sees me pulling out my phone.

Speaking of Lydia, she brought her camera and I think I’ve gotten her hooked on taking photos during these things! Hahah. It was a reversal of what happened at Daft Punk late last year, where instead of her telling me to stop taking photos, it was me doing it this time. 🙂

Well anyways, here are the usable shots. While we were waiting out front for some friends to go in together, we caught the V Energy Drink van where they were giving away 2 cans to everyone while stocks last. We downed the cans in quick succession – we were buzzing even before we went through the front gates.


This is the crowd in front of the Famous Stage with the big red Nova doll which became a really good landmark – “if we get separated, meet in front of the Nova doll!”


The following two pics show the area along the front of the Famous Stage. With the sun setting behind the colourful banners, and a cool breeze blowing through, it was awesome.

future-stage-side-2 future-stage-side-1

Two prerequisites for any outdoor music events. One, girls on shoulders …


And two, big bouncing balls.


I met a lot of people whom I know around the clubbing scene. I was shaking hands and talking to some people whom I didn’t even know names to. But among those that I know were two bartenders – Sam from The Deen, and Linda from The Library whom we’d known since it was called “The Church”. Here’s me and Linda.


And I’ll end with two staples of my raving/clubbing photos. Hands …


And random punters who come dressed for the occasion. 🙂


‘Twas another good day out raving.

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  1. sophia

    I had so much fun that day… but it was kinda hot!!! My feet were cover in dust and my shoes…. turned black! Hahaha… Hey, that Nova doll was indeed a good landmark. It was a meet up place for my friends and I. Glad that you had fun that day! ^^

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