Scenes from Perth’s public transport

March 5, 2008 9:02 PM

You know, in a masochistic way I wanted the public transport crowds to be as bad today as it was yesterday just so I could show you what I went through. But it turned out to be a good day.

7:42am William Street, Perth.

Taking the Red CAT on a Perth morning

I walked out of the Perth Underground station to the Red CAT stop at the same time as yesterday morning, but the crowd was less, and the bus arrived empty. I even got a seat!

5:50pm Perth Underground Train Station


Even though this is the first stop from the city to Murdoch Station where I get off, it can also get crowded. But nope – I got a free seat to both sides of me for the entire trip. Sweet!

6:10pm Bus stops above Murdoch Train Station.


Blissfully free of people. And isn’t the sky so wonderfully blue?!

And in other news, after a whole day of reading stuff yesterday I got to do some real work today. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Scenes from Perth’s public transport

  1. Jeremy

    I think Perth read your complaints and decided to make room for you on the public transport. Those people you met yesterday were the selfish bastards that only thought about themselves.

  2. Katie

    You know what will happen now, right? You’ll go tomorrow and not take your camera and it’ll be so packed that you’ll have to walk again – and it’ll start hailing. And there will be a big explosion near you. And you’ll see a rainbow. And you’ll think “Crap I wish I had my camera so I could blog this!”


  3. blur ting

    Ah, maybe that was just the Monday madness? You know, like how some people go back to the suburbs and stay over at their parent’s or partner’s place over the weekend and have to do the whole commute thing on Monday.

    I’m always puzzled at how traffic in Singapore can be so bad on some days and surprisingly quiet on other days.

    Whatever it is, aren’t you glad it turned out better than you had expected! Great looking shots.

  4. mooiness Post author

    Katie: you are sooo evil. Heheh. And luckily for me, what you said did not come true.

    blur ting: yes it definitely lighten up my mood a lot. I can totally understand how ppl show up to work already stressed and tense because of the hectir and crowded commute.

  5. sourrain

    Welcome to the armpit hole that is public transportation commuting!!! I find that morning rush is much, much heavier than the evening rush. Traffic here gets quieter as the week goes by – Friday evening is the best as it’s usually empty.

    There’s also alot of people like bacon who work from home half the week, but usually need to be in the office on Mon & Tues.


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