Blinkymummy comes to Perth

March 6, 2008 8:27 PM

Collage of Blinkymummy

My good friend Blinkymummy and her Good Friend are arriving from Singapore tomorrow morning for a whirlwind trip – they’d be here for three days, leaving on early Monday morning. They will be staying at my place, and man it’s gonna be hectic. Because it’s such a short time, we are sticking to the Perth metropolitan area mainly.

On the agenda includes the Swan Valley for the wineries, Fremantle, Cottesloe, Subiaco and the city. Along with other things like having Vietnamese pho, and going to a wine bar in Northbridge, I said I’m pretty chuffed with the itinerary that I planned for them. On my list of things to do with visitors to Perth, I’ve covered almost all of it (specifically items 2 – 9, 11).

I’m excited! And so is she! 😀


9 thoughts on “Blinkymummy comes to Perth

  1. blur ting

    Oh wow, 3 days, where got enuf? But since you guys are sticking to the city areas, that’s probably enough.

    I tend to go the places that won’t interest you city folks, like the zoo, aquarium, farms, gardens, flea markets…I enjoy the boat journey to Frementle too. The view of villas on the cliff is most enjoyable.

  2. weiliang

    chelsea pizza, nando’s

    subi markets, watch footy

    mandurah crabfest wif fireworks on the 8th


    jacob’s ladder to kings park

    northbridge at nite and try not to get stabbed..

  3. herman

    nah, i go northbridge at night all the time and i have never got stabbed.

    freo’s little creatures is a must ! how about the Queen’s at high gate. then …. AMBAR … 😛

  4. mooiness Post author

    weiliang: AQWA and Mandurah are both not time-efficient to visit. 3 days is quite short and we wanted to do it at a leisurely pace.

    herman: yeah I never got stabbed in Northbridge either. 😉

    For drinks, we did Little Creatures, Grapeskin and The Cott.


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