Thinking like a man, and not a woman

March 10, 2008 10:46 PM

Female brain
dkwonsh @ flickr

Blinkymummy and I had this conversation while she was here.

Me: I had this female housemate once. One night she was waiting by the phone for her boyfriend to call from Singapore. As the hours go by, the call doesn’t come and she gets more and more agitated. So I said to her, “This call is obviously important. Why don’t you call him instead of waiting for him to call?” And she replied, “No! He’s supposed to call!”

And then when the call finally arrived, they spent at least 20 minutes going back and forth about why he didn’t call earlier when he was supposed to. Soon, they had pretty much forgotten the original purpose of the phone call for that day. I just don’t get it.

BM: Well you won’t, because you are thinking like a man.

12 thoughts on “Thinking like a man, and not a woman

  1. jl

    I’m female and i didn’t get that. What a waste of time and energy. At least if your ex-housemate had called she would’ve been expending energy constructively.

  2. girlstar7

    Yep, men and women do tend to think differently and sometiems have trouble understanding each other.
    However, I think there happen to be psychotic mind fucks of both genders than nobody in general tends to understand.
    In the words of Seinfeld…’people, they’re the worst!’

  3. mirebella

    I think its more of the principle of the matter and keeping ones word.

    The crux of the matter is :

    1) He was suppose to call at a specified time – if he didnt say he was gonna call – she could have spent the time constructively.

    2) She didnt want to disturb him if he was doing something important. She would have been appeased even if he sent a txt msg saying that he would call later.

    The yoyo-ing conversation was with her trying to make him understand the concept, and being male – its most prob gonna fall onto dead ears 😉

  4. rn

    I think mirebella explained well. Contrary to popular belief (ha!) I think she really didn’t want to disturb him by calling or something. If he is free to call, he SHOULD call since he said he will.

  5. blur ting

    Oh well, women have their ego too. If the guy says he will call, then we wait for him to call. Afterall, the infamous “I’ll call you” guy originated from guys and most of the time, they probably don’t mean it. So women learn already.

    I don’t really know what I’m saying too. People say I think like a man….

    BTW, your car and carplate is so cool!

  6. mooiness Post author

    blur ting: so if women know the “I’ll call you” scam, then why do they still get so worked up when it turns out exactly how they expected it to be??? Hahah. Ok my head just spun around.

    Anyways, the car … that’s why she calls me “Aussie Beng”! 🙂


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