Manic Weekend

April 6, 2008 1:18 PM

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I was asked to do the Saturday shift by my company on Wednesday. I was told that I’d get Friday off, and because I was also working the next Saturday I’d also get Monday off. Sweet, I thought! But then I was immediately conflicted.

The Saturday shift hours are from 7am to 3pm. Friday night I already had plans to go out. So would I be sensible and forgo my Friday night plans? Err well, not quite. So here’s how I tackled it. On Thursday night, I slept for 11 hours. Then during the day I had two naps: a 2.5 hour one after lunch, and another 1 hour one just before I went out at 12am.

I felt refresh and I didn’t even need caffeine. So there I was partying and socialising, and generally having a blast with my friends. Then came 4:30am and it was time for me to head back home to feed Snoop as I wasn’t gonna be home for his breakfast. I did that, washed my face, changed out of my sweat-soaked T-shirt, grabbed a can of V energy drink (just in case) and went straight back into the city for my work.

Alertness update: at this stage, I wasn’t sleepy yet and still quite alert. So I got to work and did the usual tasks – checked the helpdesk email queue, and listen to the phone messages. All up that took me 1 hour before I was suddenly idle. Then the silence hit me. I was all alone!

Doing the weekend shift was great because the hours are shorter, the workload was low and the phone calls came sporadically. But I don’t get to banter with my colleagues and hear jokes being bounced around. It was a very solitary experience.

Before long, my eyes started feeling heavy at around 10:30am. Shit! Four and a half more hours to go! I was very tempted to down the can of V then. But I thought I wanted to be able to sleep when I get home later. So I resisted the urge. Instead, I started wandering around the quiet office. At one stage, I even took off my shoes and walked in my socks. It was very refreshing.

The inevitable did happen: I tilted my chair, put my feet up on my PC underneath the desk and ended up snoozing. I’d answer some calls, do a cursory check of the email queue, then go back to napping again. At around 11am I ran out into the rain to grab a Subway from across the street. Getting wet reinvigorated me again.

And then what happens after lunch? I felt sleepy again. Hahah! Ok but we are nearing the end run: 2 and a bit more hours to go. Knowing that perked me up. And wouldn’t you know it, the calls started coming in more frequently. The rest of the country seems to have woken up too.

Getting home after was sweet relief. I showered, played with Snoop and slept for 4 hours. I didn’t end up going out that night. But it wasn’t because I was tired, it was because I didn’t feel like going to the club that Simon wanted to go.

This feels like where my story should end, yeah? Wrong! At 4am Sunday morning, I headed out to do some work for my old company – the data centre that they use was swapping out their energy infrastructure and I had to go and restart their servers and make sure that they come back on properly.

So here I am on a Sunday afternoon, manically penning down my thoughts from a manic weekend. It went by in such a blur. It’s a good thing that I’ve got the whole of today and tomorrow to recover. And next Friday night and Saturday morning, I am gonna be doing it again. :mrgreen:

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  1. Katie

    At least you have the time to recover. I work 11 hours on Saturdays so I don’t go out on Friday nights. I just can’t get up at 6am after a night out. I’m a wuss!

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