Two grandmas and a gigolo

April 7, 2008 9:09 PM

Two grandmas and a gigolo - bizarre and funny!

One grandma’s throwing up into a bucket whilst showing the world she doesn’t care about “upskirt”, another grandma nonchalantly making herself a drink, all while a suave lounge lizard type with a mullet does the blue steel.

Have you seen a more surreal, bizarre and hilarious picture than this lately? I think not.

This is from a caption contest being run over at Cracked. There are a ton of entries but I like the following two the best:

  1. What are you whining about? I promised chicks and booze and I fucking delivered.
  2. Visiting Britney’s mother and auntie, K-Fed suddenly understands everything!

I cracked up alright. :mrgreen:

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