Getting the girl: Universal truths

May 11, 2008 6:59 PM

Boy chasing a girl
Alex @ Faraway @ flickr

  1. Persistence doesn’t work. If the girl likes you, you don’t even have to do anything. And conversely, if the girl doesn’t like you, your persistence will annoy her and may border on being creepy.
  2. Once you are in the friend zone, it’s very difficult to get out of it. See rule #1. But if you can only be friends, unless she led you on don’t be angry and bitter about it. She may have single friends who won’t put you in the friend zone like she did.
  3. A girl who uses you because she knows that you like her and will do anything for her because you think it will win her over (see rule #1), will not make you happy even if you get her. Because she will just keep using you. Why would she stop when you are so willing?
  4. Getting the girl takes a little bit of effort, but so does keeping the girl. But if she’s the right person all along, neither of that would be too difficult.
  5. After you’ve gotten the girl, there are no guarantees. Try not to think too much and ruin it; just enjoy the journey no matter how fleeting. If you want to and can save it from ending, then do; if not, don’t try to hold on to it.

Thanks to girlstar7 for sparking the idea for this post.

17 thoughts on “Getting the girl: Universal truths

  1. Jeff

    Cute pic..girls like being chased hehe
    A couple more…

    6. Despite popular belief, you don’t have to be hansome and/or rich to get the girl. But you do need to know about things like style, body language, good clothes, good conversation and how to make a girl laugh.

    7. You first have to ‘meet’ the girl to get her. If I met more female Hollywood movie stars I’d greatly increase my chances of dating one. If I met more hot girls in Perth I’d increase my chances of dating hot perth girls.

    8. Let go of the outcome. If she doesn’t like you, it doesn’t matter, what can you do anyway? If the relationship fails, see it as opportunity to find a better girl. There are lots of available girls out there.

    9. Thank god I’m a man!

  2. blur ting

    Reading your Pt 3 above reminds me of my best friend.When she was in the U, this guy was smitten with her but she didn’t really fancy him. Because he kept following her around, she took the opportunity to buy 2 big watermelons and made him carry home for her.

    User! 🙂

  3. LupinTan

    On point 1: Ya, So work efficiently and tackle only those who like you.

    On point 2: There is a ladder theory out there that explain the different between guys and gals mentality.

    On point 3: This is so sad man, Guys, What up you F**king Idead (Sorry for the swearing)

    On point 4&5: Totally agree on that.

  4. mooiness Post author

    Jeff: #7 is very true but not all of us are lucky enough to hang around the beautiful. As for #9, there’s good and bad to it.

    Kate: not a problem, as long as you credit me, you can share it as much as you like.

    blur ting: hahah, watermelon carrier! user indeed.

    Lupin: yes the dreaded ladder theory. Regarding #3, some times men can’t help themselves. Either that, or they never learn from past mistakes.

  5. Yuuka

    I know a couple of girls with whom persistence did work. One said she eventually decided to give him a go because his persistence seemed to allude to sincerity but then as that guy, do you really want to be with someone who just kinda got used to you being around (or gave up trying to shake you since she`s single anyway)? Or am I being idealistic about love here?

  6. mooiness Post author

    Yuuka: when a girl succumbs to a guy’s persistence, it doesn’t feel to me that she really likes him all that much. It’s exactly like you said – she just decided that it’s too tiring to brush him off anymore. I’m in agreement with you in that it all feels too one-sided. I’d rather that the feelings be mutual and neither one has to break down in order for the other to gain.

  7. girlstar7

    Thanks for crediting me 😛
    Good to know SOME guys are clued in about these things. Some just seem to think that that the more they try and try, the more chance they have. In fact, the girl who is already not interested, just gets more and more annoyed.

  8. Xinyi

    I’ve seen so many clueless and truly clueless ones, why ah?

    How about this:

    Guy: C’mon let me give you a lift home..You must be really tired after working through the weekend..Let me take care of you..Just give me a chance at least I’d feel better if I knew I gave it my best shot and failed.

    Girl (who welcomes the idea of escaping public transport): ???????


  9. mooiness Post author

    Xinyi: so what you are saying is, even if the girl does not feel for the guy in that kind of way, she’d still take up his offer for a ride? In which case, yes – that applies to A LOT of girls. 😉

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