Facebook rubs my face in it

May 17, 2008 5:42 PM

Facebook dating ad Facebook dating ad Facebook dating ad

So I list my birthday and relationship status on Facebook and these are all the ads I see now. And they use both to put me down! “33 and still single?” Ouch.

If I wasn’t a well-adjusted person, I think these would cause one to go into a spiral of depression. In your face, much?! And how did they know I like blondes? :mrgreen:

10 thoughts on “Facebook rubs my face in it

  1. Yuuka

    A lot of people believe that the circle of life is all about studying, working, finding a partner, getting married, having children and dying, hopefully after seeing your grandchildren.

    My bestie`s dad is like, “You girls HAVE to get married and you MUST have children!!!!!” So funny. She`s 23 and “still single”.

    My uncle`s in his mid-50s and never married. He seems very happy with his bachelor lifestyle. He has his share of female company (even now) and he never missed the raising children aspect because he has a billion nieces and nephews like myself to pamper and play with. So it is possible to live life they way you want!

  2. mooiness Post author

    Jeff: hmmm, did you list your sexual orientation correctly? :mrgreen:

    Yuuka: different strokes for different people – yes. I definitely get it. I’m ok with single life though I’m not ruling out fulfilling society’s expectations either. 😉

  3. girlstar7

    HAHA I get ads saying “24 and still single” all the time!!! So it’s not just you, and they don’t just do it for people over 30, or even people over 25. I’m only 24, for God sakes! I just have a bit of a laugh at them. I also get photos of these super hot guys with their shirts off to go along with the ’24 and still single’ ads…oh well, at least I get some eye candy (as it looks like you do too, although your girls are less revealing than the guys I get)! 🙂

  4. Dabido

    Replace all those numbers with 40 and you’ll get what facebook rubs in my face! 🙂
    None of the girls in the ad look anywhere close to 40 either … I’m sure if they really used over 40’s on the ads I’d die of fright. lol


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