Matrimonial charm redux

May 26, 2008 10:53 PM

Me: Hey mom, you know that matrimonial charm you gave me?
Mom: Yeah?
Me: I lost it.
Mom: It’s ok. I’ve got spares. *goes to her room, comes back and hands me another one* Here you go.
Me: … !

Mom is kinda awesome like that. Or you know, she really REALLY wants a daugher-in-law. :mrgreen:

13 thoughts on “Matrimonial charm redux

  1. blur ting

    I understand how mommies work. They always have spares of everything. When I buy things, I always buy in pairs or more. Mommy knows best 🙂

  2. LupinTan

    Don’t worry, I got spare!!!!

    Aunty, Winner.

    Kinda remind of my own story.

    I was kinda looking for a job now, and I ask my mom to seek the resident medium back in her hometown in malaysia in regards to it.

    So she came back home and she say that she gave the medium my birthdate and the medium upon saying my birthdate calculated that I will have romance this year(lunar) though so far none. And she say it in such a way that she’s not interested when she kept emphasising that she didn’t ask the medium and it’s the medium that say directly. though on the way to the temple my aunt who drove my mom, ask her(my mom) to ask about my marraige fate.

    Hahaha. Moms always the best.

  3. Katie

    Haha oh my gosh that is so funny! Your mum is so cute – I wanna meet her! 😀

    It’s a good thing she only gave you one – if she came back and dumped a handful on you, I’d be worried! 😉

  4. mooiness Post author

    mf: yeah I’m sure I saw some other stuff she stashed away too. Heh.

    sourrain: if it’s the key to the universe, then it’s logical to have spares right?! Can’t be too careful! Hahah!

    blur ting: you know, I’m sure that is the exact reason. Definitely a mommy’s trait. 🙂

    herman: yeah nagging – and there’s an endless supply where that comes from. Hah!

    Lupin: your mother and mine share the same obsession then. Heh.

    Katie: hahah yeah I can’t be trusted to handle all of it! I’d probably lose them all!

  5. mooiness Post author

    Dabido: venture into Chinatown and you’re bound to find one at the shops. Try Wing Loong book shop.

    nadnut: buy one then!

    Lupin: yeah exactly. Hahah. If it works too well, she’d be grumbling for sure.


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