Some beers and a laugh for a hard day’s work

June 3, 2008 9:33 PM

Work today was hellish. Two colleagues called in sick, and another got sent home in the middle of the day so that he can come back later to close up the office which one of the off-sick colleagues was meant to do. I was alone for 4 hours answering calls after calls after calls. Meanwhile, the support emails just kept piling up and the voice mail count increased at a scary pace.

I was stressed out, and impatient customers were pissed. It was not a good day at all and I’m sure management is gonna have some words about it.

I was so wound up when I left that when I got home, I quickly downed two bottles of beers in quick succession. I needed to mellow out the tension and it felt good. I also needed a laugh and what do you know … I stumbled across this on my colleague’s blog. (Thanks Sam via Phil!)

12 year olds who are too sexed up

It’s funny because it’s true. But yeah, impure thoughts and all that. I feel dirty. :mrgreen:

16 thoughts on “Some beers and a laugh for a hard day’s work

  1. girlstar7

    Disturbing yet so true…I am studying to be a primary school teacher and kids these age develop very young, even a lot of the ten year olds have breasts!

  2. Katie

    Yeah it’s a bit worrying, you can never tell these days. The school I’m doing prac at had a performance night where 14 and 15 year olds danced around a stage wearing frilly lingerie and stilettos.


  3. Clara


    So feral, but so descriptive of a larger proportion of mainstream tweens than I like to imagine.

    That child has more skill with her cosmetic wand in one pinky than I’ve got in my whole body 😀

  4. mooiness Post author

    herman: u mean pedo porn? aiii…..

    Yuuka: haha, don’t put yourself down like that!

    Lupin: totally.

    Sam: thanks for the laugh!

    girlstar7: wow, are u sure? Not that I should be looking but. 😛

    BigZapfer: hehe those are funny.

    Lad Litter: I think the only time we can tell them apart is when they start talking.

    Katie: awesome. oh wait, no. Hahah!

    suze: if their parents are the kind who’d let them wear makeup and dress provocatively at their age, then I don’t think they’d care. Hahah!

    Clara: “more skill than u?” r u sure? come now! oh wait that was sarcasm right? Haha!

  5. Andy

    Regretfully, I sat next to a girl on a cross-country train who was giving me bold eye contact as I walked down the aisle.

    Within five minutes I found out she was 16…..will never tell my friends!

    Could have sworn she was at least 19!!!


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