Moments Before Cup Chicks

June 28, 2008 8:30 PM

If you have spent enough time on the Internet during the past two years, you would have heard or read the term “2 girls 1 cup” being thrown around a lot. For the sake of your sanity and your stomach, do not, DO NOT, attempt to search for the pictures or videos.

If you really must know, “2 girls 1 cup” refers to a porn (this was porn, really?!?) clip showing 2 girls, 1 cup and body waste of the #2 kind. Oh yeah and there’s vomit involved. Both the body waste and the vomit are most probably fake but geesus, it’s very realistic. To get an idea about how people react when watching it, you can search for “2girls1cup reactions” on Youtube.

Anyways, College Humor imagines what it must have been like before the clip was shot and if the porn actresses did not realise what they have signed up for. Safe for the stomach but the language is not safe for work. :mrgreen:

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7 thoughts on “Moments Before Cup Chicks

  1. TFP

    LOL. I’ll take your advice on that! I will always regret ignoring all advice and doing the google search for “goatse” (if any of you don’t know what that is, don’t search for that either! Seriously!).

  2. Yuuka

    You guys are really testing my self-restraint here. I really want to know what goatse and tub girl refer to but I don`t want to ruin my eyes/life. 😛

  3. LupinTan

    Seriously dear readers of Mooi, you have to see the reactions of the views of the 2girls1cup and from there access whether you want to watch or not.

    It is up there in terms of Gross factor, beating any Fear factor program I ever know.


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