Alcohol impairs your judgement

July 14, 2008 5:22 PM

I happily woke up early and showed up at the office around 10am this morning. I sat down, checked my emails, looked through my notes from last week about things to do this week and fired off a couple of instant messages and emails.

As I logged into the phone system, my colleague Phil looked up from his computer nonchalantly and asked,

What are you doing at work today, Marcus?

Then it hit me. 😯 It’s my FREAKING DAY OFF! ARGH!

And I blame the alcohol on Saturday night.

A cigarette vending machine at The Deen Let me count the ways:

  • 3 bottles of Tooheys Extra Dry
  • 1 bottle of Corona
  • 3 tequila shots
  • 1 Slippery Nipple
  • 1 Jack and Coke

That will do, pig. That will do.

And whilst feeling restless waiting for the bus and train back home today (again with the kids!), I thought it would be much more bearable if I can kill the time by surfing the Internet with an iPhone. I’m so tempted to get one now.

Alcohol impairs your judgement, oh yes it does. It made me go to work on my day off, and then because I suddenly had nothing to do all day, it also convinced me that my life is empty and that I needed the Jesus phone.

But it’s delicious and I can’t help it.

13 thoughts on “Alcohol impairs your judgement

  1. mooiness Post author

    mn: no, not yet. Hahah!

    herman: an iPhone alone would not be enough for a midlife crisis I’m sure.

    Dina: heheh think they are trying to tell me something?!

    blur ting: erm no not that much. Hahah! I’ve neglected to check my roster because I was recovering on Sunday. 😛

  2. yurl

    maybe just deep down inside you lurve your work and can’t get enough.
    The iPhone thing is just natural. who doesn’t want one. its so sexy. I’m regretting upgrading my phone 6 months ago so now I can’t get one without paying for it outright 🙁

  3. mooiness Post author

    Lupin: iPod Touch has only wifi so I need to be around a hotspot. I intend to use it on the bus/train etc. to kill boredom with so will need 3G.

    yurl: rats! I reckon the Optus plans are pretty good plus I get an iPod as part of the process which makes it quite good value.

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