Mother of all Energy Drinks

August 7, 2008 11:04 PM

TV ad for Mother, v1.0

I first tried Mother, the energy drink by Coca-Cola Amatil for the Australian market at Two Tribes Music Festival 2006. I had liked it but it appears that I was in the minority. A lot of people thought it tasted too medicinal and it was pulled from the market after a year or so.

It was recently relaunched with the tag line, “New – Tastes Nothing Like The Old One!” and with the ad below parodying how serious and how sorry they are for botching it up in the first place.

TV ad for Mother, v2.0

My colleagues Phil and Sam, who is now in Melbourne have this tradition called “3 o’clock Red Bull” which is exactly what it means. Like Wednesday is the hump of the working week, 3 o’clock is the hump of the working day. Sometimes you just need that little push to get over it.

Today Phil had wanted to try the new Mother, and that prompted me to get one too because I didn’t sleep well last night. Off to the supermarket I went – $3 for a 500mL can! Bargain!

Mother of all Energy Drinks

After my first few gulps of the new fruity flavoured Mother (apple and lemon FTW!), I felt the buzz slowly built up. There was a warm tingling sensation in my limbs. Had I been in a dark nightclub with loud music playing I would have been jumping up and down. As it was, I just sat in my desk arms and fingers fidgeting, and legs shaking away. Good for energy!

I said to Phil, “This is good buzz.” He agreed. I was physically trying to talk slower and I think I succeeded but my fingers were typing at a crazy speed, but with no errors though. Good for concentration!

I felt the buzz and tingles for a good two hours as I gulped the drink away. This was expected as I was drinking the equivalent of two cans of Redbull. Sweet! I could feel my heart racing so this is probably not a good drink to be drinking a lot of on a daily basis. But still … sweet! If they sell this in the clubs, it’d definitely do well. It’s now my new favourite party drink. Yay!

p.s. Any Coke reps out there reading this? Send me a case of this stuff! :mrgreen:

12 thoughts on “Mother of all Energy Drinks

  1. Elise

    Ohh.. Sounds good! Probably should give it a go now that I’m back in Perth. Ought to help bring up the party time!

    Go Mother!

    Anyway, sounds like you became a frenzy bunny. The scene in my mind now is just too hilarious for words.


  2. bc

    it tasted so medicinal i thought it tasted like the vile traditional chinese massage liquid thing old people used for achy muscles and things like that.

  3. mooiness Post author

    Elise: heheh I WAS frenzy in the office!

    Lupin: yeah it’s an Australia-only product unfortunately.

    herman: well, at double the size of the old one it’s a pretty good buzz!

    bc: I’ve tasted Chinese medicine before, Mother wasn’t that bad, was it?! 😀

  4. Dabido

    I gave up on those energy drinks a few years ago. They have a nasty habit of striping the body of iron.
    I went through a stage when I was doing midnight shift of buying and trying all of those on the market as well as a lot of different types of cola. lol
    Like you though, they give me a lot of energy whilst I’m drinking them … but once you hit the anemic wall you find it doesn’t do much and you are energyless a lot of the time. [So, drink in moderation and get plenty of iron] 🙂

  5. Elle Davis

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    I hope I didn’t overstep my bounds by posting on your blog, and if you have any questions or want more info feel free to shoot me an email. I would love to know what you think of the energy drink!

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  6. girlstar7

    An interesting story about Mother….
    My brother used to work in promotions and he had a job promoting Mother. Anyway, the target market was 15-30 year olds or something. Almost everyone in this age group found the drink disgusting and didn’t like it. However, they gave it to a few older people (i.e. over about 65) and they all loved it! This surprised the promo people as they assumed older people would find the drink even more disgusting. Turns out there was a drink on the market back in the 30s and 40s that tasted REALLY similar to Mother and it reminded them of their youth! A bit of trivia for you…
    BTW I tasted Mother and found it disgusting! Hopefully the new version is better! 😛

  7. mooiness Post author

    Dabido: everything in moderation. That’s why I said that it’s not an everyday drink. I’m healthy all the time so anything that boosts me up occasionally makes me feel even better.

    Elle Davis: As spammy as your comment might be, at least it’s a product area that I’m interested in. 😉

    I agree about the flavours – why can’t energy drinks taste more juices? 6 hour power does sound potent.

    The product looks interesting but I may have to order via Amazon as it’s not sold in Australia.

    girlstar7: hahah! excellent story! I had liked the old version’s taste, does that mean my taste buds are mature or what?! But yeah new version goes down easier – it’s fruity!

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