Being alone in a nightclub

August 10, 2008 10:03 PM


Last night, my friends had prior engagements earlier in the night and will only be going to the clubs late at around 2am, and I wasn’t sure I’d be in the mood to wait till then. Yet I was antsy and bored at home. I thought I’d popped a caffeine pill, listen to some dance music and have a party by myself in my room and not go out at all.

So, there I was tweaking on a caffeine high, listening to the music blaring through my headphones and surfing the net looking at anything and everything. Pretty soon, in a span of about an hour I had bought stuff off Amazon, Think Geek, the Apple store and the iTunes store. Yeah, on this night boredom plus caffeine made me buy stuff. 😛

All of a sudden at around 11:30pm I felt this intense urge to just get out of the house and be around people. I had changed my mind and it didn’t matter that I’d be alone. I know I will know at least one person at The Deen, Sam the bartender so I quickly changed and hopped into my car. Half an hour later, I was amidst the loud music and party-goers.

I saw Sam, chatted with her for a while and quickly bought two drinks from her. I downed the Jager bomb and nursed my Jack and Coke for the next half hour. I was buzzing, smiling and people watching. Seeing pretty girls was invigorating.

Although, there’s something about being alone in a sea of people that can make one depressed. I saw a couple making out in the queue earlier and that made me wished I was there with someone. Then out on the dance floor, I saw this girl with tears in her eyes lose it completely and was yelling at her boyfriend without caring who was looking at them. And I thought, “Ok, sometimes being with someone is not necessarily better than being alone.”

I was there for close to 2 hours by myself being entertained by the house music and the spectacle of other people. 2am came along quickly to my delight. I had managed to kill time in a most pleasurable way and I was elated.

The Deen was closing so I hopped to The Rise where I was suppose to meet up with Simon, Lydia and Kayo. And my night continued and began anew. I didn’t get home till about 5am. I was so glad that I didn’t stay home after all. 🙂

10 thoughts on “Being alone in a nightclub

  1. Dina

    Beautiful post. It reminds me of a part in a novel. I agree about feeling lonely. I feel lonely in a crowd sometimes.

    And profound about realizing that you can feel lonely even if you ARE with someone.

  2. mooiness Post author

    Dina: Thanks, that’s high praise indeed! Yeah I think if you are already feeling lonely, being in a large crowded place where you don’t know anyone amplifies the loneliness. Although one shouldn’t be desperate and end up with the wrong person either, ‘cos that I think is just as bad. 🙂

  3. Jeff

    I think it was good. Go when your ready, leave when your done.. no hassles from anyone else. Meet new people with new girls…introduce yourself to their bf’s..tell them your a famous Perth blogger and take some pics with them. Post on your blog…Everyone will love you…Life is sweet 🙂

  4. mooiness Post author

    blur ting: haha glad to hear it was entertaining! Going to a club alone is ok because it’s a sea of people. Going to the movies alone is ok because it’s dark. Going to a restaurant alone? Ok that’s hard, and even I seldom do that. Heh.

    Jeff: that’s a good way of looking at it – do whatever I want whenever I want. Life is indeed sweet if you look at it the right way.

  5. Elise

    Having gone to a club alone, a movie alone, and dining alone in a restaurant, I think it’s pretty all right. Initially you might get the weird jitters of being alone and wondering what others might be thinking about you e.g. “oh look at that loser having a meal alone!” sort of thing, but it turns out pretty all right after all.

    You observe and realise different things from being by yourself. I call it the quality “me-time”. I believe it’s essential once in a while.

    I’m sure you’ll get over the the weird jitters and do just fine. You’re Marcus!


    And besides, it’s an awesome and different experience. And in the least, you don’t have to starve yourself just because you can’t find a dining kaki! I’ve got friends who rather skip meals than to go get takeouts, much less dine alone in public.


  6. mooiness Post author

    Elise: yeah I like the alone “me-time”. And I would say that fastfood restaurants are easier to dine alone in. If I do dine alone in a “proper” restaurant, then it’s most likely on a work trip. 🙂

  7. Lina

    Dina : I feel the same as well.Especially in a club, then i will start drunken myself.
    mooiness : I always dine alone due to my odd working hours,i find it ok sometimes but it’s just matter of how people stare at you with those pathetic looks.


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