Two singing girls, both made in China

August 13, 2008 10:54 PM

Lin Mioke and Yang Peiyi, the singing girls in the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony

This made news headlines and I can see why. The real story isn’t that the girl lip-synced but rather, she lip-synced to the voice and song of another girl. Personally I don’t see the fuss. I mean, we already know that the Chinese government mandated that factories closed and cars banned from the roads in Beijing so that the image of the Olympics is nothing but perfect.

This thing with the two singing girls, like the grand opening ceremony and the use of CGI to enhance the televising of the fireworks, was orchestrated and tweaked to project the best image possible for China.

They manipulated all that so why not the girls too?

Silencing the star in red – News – Olympics –

Though I must agree with the sentiment of one of the commenters in the Gizmodo post about this story:

But there’s one thing you gotta ask yourself – how come in a nation of 1.3 billion people they couldn’t find a girl that looked “cute” and “sings good”. Come on you can’t tell me that combination doesn’t exist among that many people.

Olympics: Little Girl Substituted By Cuter Little Girl In Olympic Opening Ceremony

Surely China, which now includes the territories of Macau and Hong Kong, which have produced hundreds of hottie singers and actresses from its own entertainment industry, shouldn’t have had the problem of doing the above?

But I can understand why people feel the need to talk about it. I saw how the local tabloid TV beat it up. To some, this supports their notion that “made in China” means low quality and that since the Chinese are good at making counterfeit goods and general fakery, why should we be surprised?

Besides the slight xenophobic tones and racism of how some choose to interpret this event, I think that only some Chinese netizens, who’ve felt that the other girl was wronged and was robbed of her rightful limelight, and this post at Jezebel grasped the real problem with it and that is,

Is it appropriate to tell a little girl that she isn’t pretty enough to represent her country?

Opening Ceremonies: The Kid Stays Out Of The Picture

13 thoughts on “Two singing girls, both made in China

  1. blur ting

    At this stage when they’re still developing so fast, they haven’t really started looking at the psychology of how such acts will affect the self-esteem of kids and related issues. But it is only a matter of time…

  2. Yuuka

    D: She`s adorable!

    (They both are, really.) They should learn from pop groups and put both children up but turn off the “prettier” one`s mic. On a more serious note, it is somewhat cruel to subject children to these sorts of selection criteria. We can only hope their support groups ensure that harsh selections/rejections bounce off them so they can continue to be happy, healthy children.

    Anyway, lip-syncing is so funny and isn`t a big deal to me. Singapore pre-records their National Day items so that no one stuffs up on the day. I find it unnecessary but meh.

  3. Dabido

    I hate it when people lip sync to my songs because I’m too ugly too. Darn it, why couldn’t I have been born beautiful!!!!
    Guess I’ll just go write about it in a song! 🙂

  4. mooiness Post author

    blur ting: well, that is the silver lining. I wonder which of the girls may have problems, if they have problems that is, later on in life. The one who ppl think is a fake, or the other one who remembers that the government thought she wasn’t cute enough.

    Lupin: if we want to bring God into this, then who made us in His image? So err, let’s not talk about God here.

    Yuuka: your pop group analogy sounds like it could have worked too!

    Dabido: yeah you do that. 😉

  5. mf

    the reason given was that the one who’s singing had teeth tat wasnt so nice (like gaps and ‘vampire teeth 😛 ) to be prsented over the media.

    I hv such ‘vampire teeth’ too, so it hurts to hear comments like tat.

  6. blur ting

    Both will have problems but I think the prettier one will face more self-esteem issues in future. I was just thinking about this yesterday. Many beautiful girls are miserable and have low self esteem. Part of the reason is, they get their hearts broken more often, so they don’t trust themselves or others anymore.

  7. Jeff

    Yeah I totally agree with you. I guess the Chinese still have a few things to learn about… like this thing, backfiring on them, when it comes to the western media.

  8. ront

    I wouldnt want to be the parent of the 7yrs old kid to tell her…..”honey, you sang really well, your voice is the best among the millions….unfortunately we cant put you on the stage because you dont look good enough”….talk abt character building eh?

  9. mooiness Post author

    mf: you mean the sharp canines? that could look good on some girls. But yeah, they should have just picked a girl who is both pretty enough for them and can sing.

    blur ting: yeah like they doubt their own self-worth, and probably think that ppl like them only because they are pretty.

    Jeff: yup totally different point of views – in fact the way they have managed it shows that they think nothing wrong of it.

    ront: uhuh, very difficult. Either that or you have to be callous.

  10. Kiwi Tigger

    Oh Humans.

    Sometimes you make me proud to be Human.

    Sometimes not. 😉

    What made me angry, was , the singing girl WAS cute!. She is a cute little girl-kid, any man would be proud to have a daughter like that, would think his daughter was beautiful. What a TERRIBLE shallow motive they had, how ( please forgive the impulse here ) AMERICAN of the Chinese government to have done it.

    America has many virtues we all admire, but that faux “Cute kid” cheek-bone and smirk rot IS NOT A VIRTUE.

    Humans, defining shallowness for eons.


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