Mother of All Swag

August 15, 2008 7:11 PM

Last week I had blogged about my approval of the new Mother energy drink. The next morning, I received a nice email from the PR rep handling the product.

Email from online PR rep of the Mother energy drink

I replied with a “Hell yeah! Send me some free stuff!” :mrgreen:

A week later, a non-descript box landed on my doorstep. It felt heavy and I could hear the clanking of metallic cans. Awesome.


Inside it were 9 cans of Mother, a letter with a crushed can of the old Mother, and a mysterious looking piece of brown plastic.

mother-box-goodies mother-energy-drinks

What was it? This!! Balls to drink Mother? I has them!

Oh and this is how big a 500mL can looks in my hands. Yes I’ve got small hands, but it’s still a big 500mL can of caffeine and sugary, artificial fruit juice goodness! Yeaaaah boyyyyy!


Yeah I know – I’m doing exactly what the PR company had wanted me to do. Send me some free stuff, watch me blog it, and get some cheap publicity and advertising. But hey, I got free merchandise too so it’s a win-win situation. Besides, I wouldn’t say I like drinking the stuff if I didn’t. And yeah, Converse and Adidas? I like your stuff too.


And so, being the good corporate shill that I am, I interrupt this post with some words from our sponsor.

Personally, they should have just sent me some of that old Mother instead of crushing them. But hey, this is the price of progress! Thanks again Stuart! :mrgreen:

25 thoughts on “Mother of All Swag

  1. btx

    Nice! Btw i heard taurine??? was an ingredient found from bull’s testcs..correct me if im wrong ! I found this out when i asked my Thai friends about the redbxll logo ! No wonder there is a pair of em’ !

  2. mooiness Post author

    Jeff: yes it did!

    Dina: Awesome and sweet!

    nadnut: I like the taste of it better than Red Bull. You’ll get to try it soon when you come here.

    Cherisher: heheh receiving presents always make me happy!

    btx: yup I read that too. These days, it’s synthesised rather than extracted from the real thing. Hah!

    blinkymummy: it is isn’t it?! I was like whoa … this is so obscene and I love it! Well, if they ever sell the product in SG, you can blog and try your luck???

    Lupin: really? I’m picturing in my head and it’s not a good picture. Heh.

  3. BigZapfer

    Now that is good marketing!

    Cost to company in product = $ sweet bugger all

    Value of good will = $ Awesome

    Thats a good rep team.

    I wonder if this will work with car reps 2 🙂

  4. Yuuka

    The old commercial was creepy (but the voice-over was strangely soothing). Did you mention that to them? I thought the old taste was alright though I only had it once. I`m not an energy drink person. Most Japanese people hated it (but they also hate Sarsi, nooooo)!

  5. mooiness Post author

    Lupin: uhuh.

    BigZapfer: yeah definitely good for spreading the word cheaply because I’ve already got friends asking me about it.

    Katie: heh, Pop Tarts eh? Somehow Kelloggs doesn’t strike me as being hip to the blogs. Hah!

    Yuuka: the one with the bug-eyed creatures? Heheh I liked it. If they hate Sarsi, then they must hate A&W root beer too?!

  6. mooiness Post author

    Yuuka: hahah! Oh man nothing beats an A&W chilli dog washed down with root beer. *slurp*

    Lupin: medication bottle kind? Don’t you guys get the A&W cans? It’s as close to the real thing as you’re gonna get when you don’t have the restaurants.

  7. LupinTan

    There is one brand that comes in a brown bottle that look like those medication bottle. the same brand also carry ginger beer.

    Yes, there are can A$W Root beer, but I feel the former is nicer.

  8. Yuuka

    You are making me so hungry. I`m going to pool my money and open a joint.

    Lupin: I`ve had those, they taste awesome! We only get the ginger beer here freely though.

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