My brilliant life in pictures

August 28, 2008 8:39 PM

Blur ting thinks that I’m a brilliant blogger. She said,

An animal lover, Mooiness is also a party animal (on weekends only) who blogs brilliantly about the night life in Australia and his admiration for babes.

Why thank you very much! Erm yeah I always have a problem with such high praise. I only hope that I don’t suck from hereon. Heh.

But yeah she’s right on all counts. I have a pet staffordshire-terrier cross called “Snoop” whom I love running and playing with.


I’m a caffeine …


fueled clubber …


who likes partying with the ladies. :mrgreen:


13 thoughts on “My brilliant life in pictures

  1. blur ting

    Awww, look at Snoop! And look at you! You’re a ladies’ man. Oh, I have to say you party during weekends cos I know you’re serious about your work during the rest of the week. Right?

  2. Dabido

    I had black V the other day. Much nicer than Red V.
    Couldn’t find any Mother anywhere. Was going to give it a taste just to see … though I’m not supposed to have Caffine. lol

    Oh, and please send the older ladies my way! 🙂

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