Overheard in the Club: Aussies and Drugs

September 19, 2008 8:43 PM


So there I was enjoying the music and the ambiance, and the guy next to me started talking to me …

Dude: So yeah I just moved here from over east.
Me: Yeah? Where from?
Dude: Newcastle.
Me: Ah yeah. What’s it like over there?
Dude: It’s nice you know, not like a big city. Very simple way of life. Very Aussie.
Me: Uhuh.
Dude: Not like Sydney or Melbourne, where you know, it’s play spot-the-Aussie. *suddenly realises my decidedly non-white face* Oh, no offense.
Me: None taken.
Dude: But I just think like if you come here, you should at least learn to speak English you know?
Me: I agree. Be proud of your culture but make an effort to join the rest of us.
Dude: Yeah yeah that’s what I mean. So you look pretty happy tonight.
Me: Uhuh.
Dude: Are you on something?
Me: Maybe.
Dude: Know where I can get some?
Me: Nah sorry.
Dude: Any spares on you?
Me: Nope.

We chatted a bit more after this. How I’ve been here 20 years and he could tell from the way I talked; how it’s so hard to get drugs when one’s new in town because no one trusts you (too right!). He bought a round of drinks, and I bought him a round. After that I joined my friends on the other side of the club.

A tip for the kiddies: anyone who asks you about getting some drugs the first time you meet them could be an undercover policeman. So play it safe and feign ignorance! 😉

7 thoughts on “Overheard in the Club: Aussies and Drugs

  1. sourrain


    he abit siao rite, just simply ask you for drugs.

    Maybe you have a drug pusher look on you. I know I do..I always gets frisked at airports. Either I look stupid enough to be a drug mule or sneaky enough to smuggle them for my own use.

  2. Katie

    I was out clubbing one night a while back and some random came up to me and asked if I was interested in buying some drugs.

    I was like, “Uh, what the?”

    Obviously something suspicious about that – I’m preeety sure dealers don’t go around asking randoms if they want to buy drugs … or do they? I wouldn’t know.

  3. mooiness Post author

    sourrain: you know, in the club scene here there seems to be a conception that if you are Asian, then you might be a dealer, or you’re on something, and you’d know where to get some. 😉

    Katie: hahah! no, real dealers won’t risk it like that. And I don’t think undercover policemen would go after the users. So this guy is pretty dodgy indeed. He was probably trying to sell you some fake stuff for easy money.

  4. juji

    They might go after users now, with the “dob in your dealer” thing they’re trying… add to that potential powers to randomly search at clubs and other venues, and it looks like we have a police state.


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