Sarah Palin as Vice-President of the United States? Really?!

September 22, 2008 10:10 PM

I admit to not knowing much about both presidential candidates of the United States. And even though I consider myself a left-centrist, I don’t have preferences for either one. I know John McCain to be a one-time POW in the Vietnam War, that even though he’s a Republican he didn’t agree to everything George Bush said or did, and that generally he seems like an intelligent person in his interviews. Likewise for Barack Obama, I think he gives very effective and inspiring speeches, and is equally intelligent and calm when sharing his thoughts.

But for a while there, it felt like the Democrats was getting all the media attention because they were being revolutionary: Hillary Clinton could become the first female US president, and Barack Obama could become the first black US president. It seemed like the Republicans just couldn’t get equal media air time because their candidates just didn’t inspire our imaginations like the Democrats did.

That was until McCain picked Sarah Palin as his running mate. I thought that was a master stroke by the Republicans. Suddenly everyone was curious about this photogenic woman who went from the mayor of a small town in Alaska to become its governor, and now to become the potential vice-president of the United States. Suddenly, the media was interested in the Republicans again.

In my opinion though, she would have never been considered as a potential VP if it weren’t for Hillary Clinton clearing the way first. But that’s another story. My bigger question is this: is Sarah Palin really the best VP candidate that the Republicans have?

Like it or not, American still leads the way and almost everything that it does or happens to it, affects the entire world. Just think of the current financial crisis, and what’s still happening in Iraq and Afghanistan. After the George Bush years, isn’t it prudent to want someone with better experience and perhaps a bigger world view sitting in that office?

McCain gives me confidence and feels to me very presidential. Sarah Palin? Not so much. So the thought of her potentially becoming US President is a little bit unsettling. Legitimate questions should be asked of and about this woman. Questions such as her Christian conservative thoughts, her legislative experience, her world knowledge, her thoughts on abortion and sex education.

However, when these questions were asked, conservative types thought them sexist and demeaning.

Therefore it is good to have someone like Jon Stewart compare and analyse how these same conservative types were questioning Hilary Clinton and the Democrats in general. It puts it all in very stark perspective.

Saturday Night Live did a similar and a very funny take on sexism with Tina Fey as Sarah Palin and Amy Poehler as Hillary Clinton whose character says sarcastically,

“An issue which I’m frankly surprised to hear people suddenly care about.”

Due to McCain’s age – he will be the oldest President ever, you have to treat Palin’s potential ascendancy seriously. The conservatives, if they really are patriotic should stop attacking the perceived liberal media bias and start asking Sarah Palin hard and difficult questions themselves. To let her off easily would be sexist and patronising.

In an earlier post, xtralicious has posted about these same thoughts of mine, and in greater detail especially about Sarah Palin’s stance on a variety of issues. It’s a good read, so check it out.

10 thoughts on “Sarah Palin as Vice-President of the United States? Really?!

  1. tintin

    GO OBAMA! Yep, i’m one of the millions of tools who worship him simply because he says the right stuff. Very much like the movie “the candidate”. Image trumps substance, depressing stuff. meh.

  2. LupinTan

    Actually I was waiting for you(mooi) to do this entry, so that I can comment. hahaha.

    I first came to know about Sarah Palin about 1 year back when She endorse Craig Ferguson (a talkshow host) to become a honorable citizen of the state of Alaska (where she is governing). Craig Christen her as a naughty librarian.

    Though I am a hillary supporter, I totally agree on your part when you say she will sway Hillary’s vote. not only does she appeal to the women votes, most importantly she appeals to the middle-class woman vote (she declare herself as a hockey mom)

    I personally feel that Sarah Palin will make a good potential V.P.I.L.F, been the left hand woman of John McCain with a right hand woman (his wife) as a potential F.L.I.L.F.

    Please note that ever since the nomination of McCain and Palin. the acroynm of VPLIF and FLILF had already been seculating in the web.


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