More than just clubbing friends

September 28, 2008 2:55 PM


My friends in my immediate circle right now are all people whom I’ve met whilst out clubbing. And most times, I don’t see them till the weekends. During the week we may have instant message chats but we don’t meet up or have deep-meaningfuls.

It had got me thinking about the depth of these friendships. I had worried if that is all there is to them? We mostly only meet up for drinks, dancing and laughter – should I be expecting more from these relationships, and should I be doing more to deepen our friendships? As we age, and if our bodies dictate that we can’t club as much anymore, would I still see them or have anything to talk to them about? Would I gradually lose these friendships?

But what happened this year had allayed these fears of mine. I’ve gotten closer to these friends. We talk a whole lot more and about other things besides music and clubbing. We have met up for lunches and dinners, and I’ve visited their houses. I’ve seen their faces away from the disco lights and luckily for me, I like what I saw in the broad daylight and even better is that they feel the same about me.

I’ve also realised that friendships can develop over time. What may start out as something shallow may deepen. Though I also know that some friendships would stay shallow and possibly fade away over time. Or people change which is inevitable. But having a common interest, even when it’s as frivolous as clubbing, is what brings people together. How we maintain that bond then is entirely up to ourselves. Deepening and strengthening that bond may take effort but it’s a reward unto itself, and a mighty satisfying one at that.

11 thoughts on “More than just clubbing friends

  1. blur ting

    Clubbing friends are also people with real personalities and a life outside the club. So you can still forge very good long term relationships with them. The club is but a place that got you guys together.

  2. girlstar7

    I’ve actually never met any friends out clubbing. Boyfriends? The odd one. Flings? A few. Dates? Even more. Random guys numbers and flirtations? Many. But I’ve never met anyone out in a club that turned into a genuine friend. This is weird considering I go out clubbing pretty much every weekend but just the way it’s been. I agree with blur ting though; the club is just a place you met people, and it doens’t mean it’s not a medium to meet great, long-lasting friends!!

  3. mooiness Post author

    Kitty: I don’t have imaginary friends if that’s what you are implying! Hahah! Besides, if I’ve got other friends who like clubbing, you would have met them by now. 🙂


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