Missed phone calls and messages from the lovelorn

September 30, 2008 9:59 PM

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In the dating game, there’s nothing worse than that sense of limbo, not knowing where you stand, and the constant wondering about what you did or didn’t do, did last night go well, and is the feeling mutual. Among the things that can create that sense of limbo are the missed phone calls and messages.

It’s bad enough that guys have the stupid rule of not calling too soon, and girls have the stupid rule of not returning his calls and messages too eagerly. If either one is made to wait too long, that feeling of a crush can quickly turn resentful. And this can easily happen through no fault of either one.

In the din of a club or a bar, and in an intoxicated state, numbers can be said and keyed in wrongly. So when either one calls or messages to a wrong number, and the wrong number didn’t pick up or reply back, the eager person may feel like the other person is playing a waiting game and that they are being mind-fucked.

That’s why when I get a mysterious voice-mail or text message that read and sound like it’s from a person who likes another, I’d usually text back and say that they may have gotten the wrong number. That way at least they know it’s a wrong number and that mind games are not being played.

Of course, a wrong number could have been given out intentionally and one person is definitely being played. That can’t be helped. However, there’s a chance that it is a genuine case of miscommunication. So, and because I know that sense of limbo very well and I hate it, if I can help someone else not feel it, I would. I like to think of it as a random act of kindness. 🙂

10 thoughts on “Missed phone calls and messages from the lovelorn

  1. mooiness Post author

    astrorainfall: it is, isn’t it? And every word and action can be misinterpreted badly, and not returning calls and messages are the biggies.

    redbeanjon: it’s quite obvious when you do see them because we have all written similar at one stage or another.

    Kitty: wei! that was uncalled for! 😛

  2. girlstar7

    oh yeah, so many games are played in the early stages of dating…should I call? should I wait? should I just send a message? how long should I wait? playing it cool can get so frustrating when you are keen and just wanna let them know!


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