No news is good news and life is good

October 14, 2008 9:02 PM

I have no dramas in my life which is good. If my life is a beach, it’s one with a gentle breeze surrounded by flat and calm waters with the waves gently lapping and washing up against the sands softly. Though having no dramas also means that from time to time, there is a lull in my postings. I don’t like repeating myself. So here’s a lazy update of the current state of my life, by way of linking to older posts which basically says pretty much the same thing. :mrgreen:

  1. I still live with my parents. But least you think that I had never ever left home: I had moved out to our family’s old home in 2001, but then my parents sold their new house in 2006 and moved back into the old one. They’d reclaimed their nest and had extended it, and it’s got its good and its bad points.
  2. I’m still single, here’s probably why: I like having females around me, and I love my female friends but females whom you are in a relationship with have some quirks that I haven’t gotten round to understanding. But I agree that it’s probably because I haven’t met the right woman yet, or one who’s available. I do know what I don’t want in a woman though, so that should help me find her right?
  3. I love living in Perth. After once thinking about moving to Sydney, and once to Singapore, I’m still here because I love this place and my life here too much.
  4. And of course, I’m still clubbing. If my favourite DJs are not too old to spin, then I’m not too old to party. I love dance music, and I hope to be forever young.
  5. Oh, and I am still surrounded by great friends. No links here because there’s too many posts where I write about how I’m happy because of my friends, and that along with my family and Snoop, they are what make me feel so blessed and contented in life. 🙂

Me and Kitty and Godskitchen Perth 2008

Kitty and I at Godskitchen Perth 2008 – thanks for the photo, Kitty!

16 thoughts on “No news is good news and life is good

  1. LupinTan

    Ya Kitty, Hi From singapore.

    1. I also still live with my parents, but as you know in singapore, you don’t move out til you are married, or even when you are married.

    2. Ur Bro here also still singles, also have interesting females around his life and meeting new one, hoping to find the right one. I abit more lucky then you, I know what I like in a girl, what I don’t like and may just found what I want. hahaha.

    3. I love living in singapore, been one of the safest place on earth, and more things happening nowadays, Woots (F1), with my here and there getaway to Kluang (Mom’s hometown)

    4. I don’t really club, but I loves Music, now into Korean dance tracks.

    5. Totally agreed. No only on the reality but also in the realms of internet.

    Lupin, Out for now.

  2. girlstar7

    You probably should move out of your parents place, maybe that’s why you don’t have a girlfriend!! My friends and I agree after about 25, unless there’s a good reason (studying and can’t afford it, sick parents to look after etc.) you should get your own place. One thing NOT sexy in a man is a guy whose mum still makes his lunch and does his washing. And it means you can’t go round to his place and just have your own space…you feel like you’re 16 again, hanging out with the parents and sneaking around!!
    BTW you look totally mashed in that pic, what a classic!! 🙂

  3. mooiness Post author

    girlstar7: the house is very spacious and privacy is not a problem. My cousin who lives with us has a gf who is Aussie so that point is moot, but I do get what you are saying. In any case, it’s not that big a deal with Asians.

    As for the picture, heheh that was early in the night. Not that mashed yet – so imagine me a couple of hours later!

  4. Lina

    It’s good to be surrounded with loved ones.
    it;s totally a blessed.

    Dance, techno and House music rocks..

    Due to current workload and scheduled, no more clubbing every week ..sigh

  5. mooiness Post author

    blur ting: it sure is.

    redbeanjon: yeah drama is good and bad – gives your life more colour but also more stress.

    Lina: even though you don’t club, I’m sure you’ve got other ways to let off steam. 🙂

  6. ted

    hey great blog man! I like the stuff you wrote about girls. This young fella has learned alot! Can you post links to all of your posts about girls plzzzz? I’ve probably missed some cause ur archive is pretty big. cya wise-one! =P


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