A very karaoke night

October 18, 2008 6:36 PM


Dinner was at the Pasar Malam, or “night market” event at Curtin University. Lots of yummy Malaysian/Singaporean street food, lots of people and lots of fun.

At around 9:30pm we headed to Northbridge for bubble tea and karaoke at Utopia. Karaoke is not usually my idea of a night out. But with copious amounts of alcohol …


Above average singers in the group …


We all managed to have fun during the five hours (!!!) that we were there. I even belted out a few songs that I used to sing at karaoke back in my uni days. Ooooold school flavour!


After that we walked around Northbridge …


Making our way to the carpark, and to home.


One thing that I realised on the night was that no matter how drunk men get, we will never be as in tune to the sentimentality of a song as women are. It’s all fun and games, and happy happy joy joy until someone picks a sad long song to sing to. Heheh.

It’s really quite fascinating to observe. And it is one of many reasons why I love them so much. Women that is. :mrgreen:

p.s. This is the quality of the iPhone’s camera, ie. not so good unless there’s lots of light.

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