It’s the alcohol, stupid

October 19, 2008 8:58 PM


You’ve got a new haircut, you look good and you feel great. You are happy and there’s a big smile on your face. The music sounds even better than it usually does, and the women look even prettier than they normally do.

But no, that girl didn’t just give you a second look. And the one who normally says hi only but gave you a great big hug out of the blue? She didn’t mean anything more either. And that friend of a friend who seems to be into you, erm well … she’s talking to you because you are a friend of her friend.

It’s the alcohol, stupid.

So yeah, put down the phone and step away from the computer. There will be no drunken texting, Facebook messaging, or emailing tonight. You don’t want the hangover to be worse in the morning, do you? 😛

12 thoughts on “It’s the alcohol, stupid

  1. Katie

    LOL it’s always the alcohol 😛

    I’ve read a few blog entries that were made while drunk (yes, the authors actually admitted it) and they just make me cringe. Usually they’re taken down within 24 hours, haha.

  2. Kitty

    “hi i just saw your photo on my friends page, i think i’m in love with you. please don’t reject me. please add me as a friend. i want to marry you”

  3. mooiness Post author

    redbeanjon: you can relate to it huh?

    nadnut: yes, I’m always ready to party!

    Katie: haha that’s another one too – drunken blog entries. That’s probably worse because more ppl are witness to it.

    Kitty: hahah, you’ve condensed all the cliches into one sentence!

  4. blur ting

    Last weekend, all I did was drink a can of Carlsberg on a somewhat empty stomach and I already felt quite drunk. I was very lucid (well, only a can of beer what!) when I sent my friend an email but my fingers were just typing all kinds of rubbish and mispelt words. It was so bizarre. Can’t imagine how many people I would have proposed to if I had stayed up all night partying like you did!

  5. redbeanjon

    mooiness: not really – i’ve never been tipsy enough not to be coherent, and i somehow have the ability to still work out calculus even when i am..never been drunk either. It’s like the mind and body are separate. I’d get high and reflexes are dulled, but i’d walk straight anyway.

    How do i know? Because i tried it when i went to taiwan and the host university students treated us to a round (translate: a big bottle each) of their local alcohol. 38%alc w00ts! XD

  6. mooiness Post author

    blur ting: oh noes, don’t remind me! Not proposals, but let’s just say that there has been a lot of misunderstood gestures and words. Oh the pain! 😛

    redbeanjon: wow. that’s a very high tolerance. Although it can be dangerous as you wouldn’t know when to stop.

  7. girlstar7

    Ahhh good old drunk dialing/texting…we’ve all done it and regretted it!! Actually, even though I sometimes drink quite a lot there is always this voice of reason inside my head saying: don’t call/text anyone you will regret tomorrow morning. I didn’t used to have that voice, but seem to have developed it over the years. It has stopped me from calling and texting numerous people that I shouldn’t have… 🙂


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