6 thoughts on “Chimpanzee riding a segway

  1. LupinTan

    *ahem* *clear throat*
    Time for Lupin’s introductory class.

    The chimp’s name is call Pankun from the hit series Pankun and James in Japan.

    The first youtube video that is being circulated is Pankun and James doing situps in a elementary school.

    The trainer you see in ur videos is Pankun’s second trainer.

    My blog with Pankun and James
    1. Doing Situps
    2. Pankun as Ultraman and James as Godzilla
    3. Pankun as Sadako from The Ring

    You can also such youtube from the entire series.

    PS. I like the cubs of James Especially. And how Pankun Babysits them


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