Mom’s 62nd birthday lunch

December 1, 2008 9:26 PM

On Sunday, we celebrated mom’s 62nd birthday at home by having popiah, a form of fresh spring rolls eaten by the Chinese in Malaysia and Singapore. Present were my family, my aunties and uncles, and cousins and we all gathered around the table to hand-assemble our rolls. It’s communal and fun – getting everyone involved into the process of the meal is a very bonding experience.

Popiah ingredients and results

The last time we did a popiah session was the Mid-Autumn Festival of 2006 at my parents’ old house. If you wanna see how one makes a popiah, there’s also a short clip which I’d shot of mom making one.

Popiah ingredients and results

14 thoughts on “Mom’s 62nd birthday lunch

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  2. sourrain

    sometimes I really hate you 🙁

    Pohpiah is my very fave food….made extra special because I very very rarely have it. Did your mom make the pohpiah skin herself? My problem is finding the skin…even in KL I had problems locating a skin that is thin enough but yet moist. And I don’t have chilli sauce with mine…only the ‘tee cheow’ or thim cheong.Both red and black. And lots of crabmeat….yumm …crabmeat just makes it extra special.

    I am going to have a pohpiah nightmare today..bleah.

  3. mooiness Post author

    sourrain: no, she doesn’t make the skin. She’s good but not that good. We bought spring-roll pastry from the local Asian grocery. Penang still has the best tasting popiahs I reckon.

    BM: heheh I thank you on her behalf. Hey, if you can get the ingredients it’s actually quite simple to make. Great for your MBA get-togethers!

    Dina: think of it as a Chinese burrito. 🙂

    Lupin: I never mentioned a cousin named “Michelle”. Her name’s Hun-Ye. And I shall pass on your compliments. Heh.

  4. sourrain

    I think its the long painful process of getting all the inggredients together and keeping the skin suitably moist

    Is Hun-ye the one with the really really nice wedding dress? And I think it’s yvonne, not michelle.

    OMG.I am such a stalker. Where is my favourite in your pictures? You have not featured him in a long time..bwahahahah!

  5. mooiness Post author

    sourrain: keeping the skin moist is easy with a damp towel.

    Yes, Hun-Ye is the one with the nice wedding dress in that nice photo that I took. *ahem* And you’re right, the other cousin is called Yvonne. Very good. A+

    Your favourite person is in the background next to Hun-Ye in one of the photos. Can’t believe you missed it.


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