Melbourne December 2008 – The Streets and The Buildings

December 16, 2008 8:49 PM


I’m an urbanite. I love all that a big city entails – the look and the feel. Melbourne is one such city and it’s awesome.


Melbourne is the only major city in Australia with trams running almost everywhere.


And what I like most about Melbourne are the buildings and architecture, especially those preserved from the last century and before.


Check out the GPO here looking a little bit like Big Ben with the clock tower.


Yes, it’s all very pretty.


And this place needs no further introduction – Flinders Street Station.



Next up, some interior and exterior shots of funky shops and places.

7 thoughts on “Melbourne December 2008 – The Streets and The Buildings

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  3. mooiness Post author

    blur ting: yeah I’d imagine big cities to be a bit too much, and probably a little too stressful if you prefer the countryside. Heck, actually even I find it too much sometimes. Maybe that’s why I’m in a smaller city like Perth.

    Kitty: I like how they mix the old and the new, and yes the refurbishments are quite well done too. Melbourne’s got great character.

  4. girlstar7

    Interesting to see my city from an outsider’s perspective. I grew up in inner-city Melbourne, so to me, I just kinda take it for granted!! I never really spend any amount of time thinking about the architecture because I’ve been looking at it for my entire life! I am currently in Sydney visiting, and although I come here reasonably regularly, I will still often find myself admiring my surroudnings: the harbour, the city, the hills… Nice to know people admire Melbourne in the same way!! 🙂

  5. mooiness Post author

    girlstar7: it’s already interesting like that isn’t it? I’m like that when I entertain visitors in Perth – I see the place in a whole new light thinking of places to show and to take them to.


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