Melbourne December 2008 – The Interesting Places

December 17, 2008 11:30 PM


These are shots that didn’t really fit into a narrative but the scenes struck my fancy when I saw them and photos were taken. Above you can see one of the Flinders Street Station entrances taken at night.

And this is the shop across from it, Lord of the Fries. Catchy name, but didn’t have the chance to try them out though.


Some parts of Crown casino are your typical casino garishness but some parts of it ooze clean and sharp classiness like this …


There’s this shop called Magnation which sells nothing but magazines and design books …


And you can buy a coffee and browse as much as you want.


There’s another shop called Minotaur …


which sells rows upon rows of TV/Sci-Fi, anime/manga, and comics related stuff …


including DVDs, hats, T-shirts, knick-knacks and figures.


It was raining most of the time that I was in Melbourne but check out the crowd in front of Myer one fine rainy day.


Next up, my final post in this series where it’s all about the food and the drinks. 🙂

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  3. mooiness Post author

    Kitty: yes I know. It’s just that everytime we walk past there, we’ve either eaten or drank too much to wanna eat. 😛

    mirebella: yes yes, will definitely try it next time!


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