Singapore December 2008 – All about the people

January 7, 2009 11:49 PM


Singapore is now a fixture of my annual holidays. There’s the easy public transport and cheap taxis, my friends and relatives living there, and of course the food. But more about that later. I’m gonna start off showing you the people that I’ve seen and met up first.

Singapore island is about 707.1 km² in size, or about 13% the size of the Perth metropolitan area which is about 5386 km² (source: Wikipedia), but it has 3 times the population. So as you can imagine, there’s people …


and people …


and people everywhere.


This trip, I stayed at my cousins Shane and Su Fern’s place. Yes, she’s a bit camera-shy. 😛


Simon and Wendy were there too and our days there overlapped a little so I also caught up with them for a bit. You can get the boy out of Australia but you can’t get the Australia out of the boy. Hah!


But since we can see each other here in Perth, I only caught up with them once. My priority was on the people whom I only get to see once a year, or twice max. I’d caught up with Nadia and Lee for drinks and ramen, both of whom I’d met through blogging. Yes, she made a special request for the Mother drink when she saw me blogged about it.

nadia-screen me-nadia-mother
lee-me-ramen lee-me

I’d also caught up with my Perth high school friends: Rob, Vincent and Vincent’s cousin Boon. We caught up over food (of course) and after that, sheesha in Arab Street.


Check out this awesome photo that Boon’s friend Rick shot using his stupendously fancy DSLR. And yes, smoking that stuff is delightful. :mrgreen:


And finally, I’d also caught up with two of my housemates from 2001-2002: Min and June. This trip I was lucky to have caught up with June twice, who along with her husband JZ took me to try Singapore bah kut teh, a kind of pork stew soup served with rice. Shots of that will come in the next post.


Other people whom I’d met on this trip but didn’t have proper photos of include Suen, a friend from uni and my clubbing compatriot / good friend Kitty who had went home for her holidays.

Next up, the food. :9~~~

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