Singapore December 2008 – The Food

January 10, 2009 4:53 PM


Hoegaarden beer is about as Western as my diet was whilst I was in Singapore. When I’m in Asia, I generally stay away from foods that I get back in Australia. And one of the type of foods that I absolutely love in Singapore/Malaysia is the traditional breakfast foods: local coffee, kaya toast, buttered toast with sugar, and half-boiled eggs. I can have them at any time of the day and a couple of chains in the region: ToastBox and Yakun have sprung up in recent years to cater to palettes like mine. Cheap and nostalgic!


During my stay there, my cousins took me out to an Indian restaurant near Boat Quay. The food, although good was quite expensive.


It was probably because it was on a rooftop of a building and we were paying for a view like this. It didn’t rain and the night was cool and breezy which made it all worthwhile even if it wasn’t cheap.


Another place which they took me to was called Boon Tong Kee for their chicken rice and stewed pork.


hainan-chicken stewed-pork

You can’t really tell from the photos but the pork and chicken were so tender, they break apart in your mouth. Mmm. And you notice the crowd waiting in front of the restaurant? This is a common thing in a lot of eateries in Singapore as you’d see in the next few photos.

So I’d mentioned my ex-housemate June and her hubby, plus her dad taking me to a bah kut teh stall. Notice the queue?


The Singaporean version has less herbs than the Malaysian one, and is less hearty. But with a rich broth and strong peppery flavour, it was just as satisfying.


When I met up with my uni friend Suen, he took me to a nasi padang stall. That’s him in the white shirt.


Nasi Padang is basically rice with a wide-selection of dishes including stir-fry and curries which you pick to have. Kinda like Subway but instead of bread, it’s rice. 🙂


And the catching up over food continues …

When I caught up with Nadia and Lee, I asked for Japanese ramen. Good ramen is something that I haven’t found yet in Perth. The tonkatsu ramen (ramen in thick pork broth) that I had at the Tampopo restaurant in Liang Court, Clarke Quay was fabulous.


I remembered how good the fish hot-pot was at Xin Yuan Ji in Bugis from the last time, that I specifically requested for it when I caught up with my high school mates Robert, Vincent and his cousin Boon. Yes, there was more queuing involved.


But it didn’t dissapoint.


On my final night in Singapore, my friend Kitty decided to go a hawker centre called Chomp Chomp in Serangoon Gardens to order take-away to bring back to her place.


You can’t tell from the photos but it was stiflingly hot and humid due to the low ceilings and the heat from all the kitchens. And there were queues again with the more popular stalls.

Here’s Kitty in yellow tee waiting in line to order sambal sting-ray. We waited almost 45 minutes for it.


But it was worth it, even if I’d needed another shower after dinner to wash away the hawker centre smells.


Ok so that’s it for the foodie post in this series. The last in the Singapore series would be about the interesting things and buildings that I like.

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  3. blur ting

    Your friends brought you to all the right places! Up the road from Boon Tong Kee is a Bak Kut Teh shop that we patronise quite alot. It’s called Founder’s BKT. I prefer the Klang style BKT actually.


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