Glaceau Vitamin Water – a review

January 12, 2009 10:24 PM


The day that I got back from my holiday, I had a surprise package waiting for me. It was a box of Glaceau Vitamin Water courtesy of Zing PR. Inside it were 2 bottles each of the following flavours: energy, revive and triple-x.


energy is citrus-y in flavour, while both revive and triple-x had more of a berry-punch flavour. These drinks are not fortified juices but are water infused with flavours, vitamins (B3, B5, B6, B12, C), and caffeine + guarana (energy) and antioxidants (triple-x).

They all tasted very nice and refreshing. But to the more interesting part: how did I feel after drinking them? As an energy drink fan, the first one that I gravitated to was “energy”. It contained slightly more caffeine than a standard can of Redbull, and has about 3-4 times the amount of vitamins than the other two variants.

I felt a buzz but it was not a strong one like the usual energy drinks – it felt very gradual and lasted about an hour or so. About 3 hours after the buzz ended, I thought I’d try out “revive”. The result?


I don’t know if I had imagined it but I felt “revive” picking me up once more and it felt even stronger than “energy”. Though I suspect it’s probably the loading up of B vitamins that gave me the boost.

The variant with the hardcore name of “triple-x” was actually the tamest – there was no feeling from drinking it. You’re probably meant to take their words for it when they claim that it’s full of anti-oxidants and is meant to be good for your body.

Speaking of which, here’s a comparison to put it in perspective. A can of Coca-Cola has 675kJ and 40g of sugar, while a bottle of Vitamin Water has 469kJ and 27g of sugar (as printed on the products). So, it’s definitely not something that should be drank like water.

And I’m trying to figure out the target market of the drink. At $3.70 retail, it’s not going to convert energy drink lovers (both Redbull and Mother sell for $3.00 per can) because it’s more expensive and it doesn’t have as strong a buzz. So I’m thinking they are trying to get the people who’d normally buy bottled water. But compared to a normal 600mL of water which costs half as much depending on the brand, it’s a significant price hike.

By trying to cater to two distinct group of consumers, it isn’t going to satisfy either, especially with the much higher price. To be at least competitive, I think the price should be par with Redbull or Mother. It can’t possibly cost more to make than a 500mL of Mother, which incidentally is bottled by the same company in Australia (Coca-Cola Amatil), because Mother has just as long a list of ingredients.

In summary: tastes great and refreshing, “energy” and “revive” has decent buzz, “triple-x” could be just water with sugar (it’d be easier to claim to have anti-oxidants if it was a tea-based drink), but all is moot because I feel that the retail price is too high. “energy” would be the best value based on the listed amount of additives, and will probably be the best-seller out of all the varieties, but at $3.70 it’s still expensive compared with similar products on the market.

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  1. Katie

    I actually really like Glaceau Vitamin Water – my favourite is Focus. It is more expensive, but it’s not that much more than a 600mL drink of soft drink, which is what I see a lot of people buying on their lunch breaks. I think they would have better sales (and more people giving it a try for the first time) if it was under $3 though.


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