Women and The Bad Boys They Love

March 27, 2009 1:48 PM

Last week, the topic of women and the bad boys that they love came up in conversations with two separate friends. They both had this to say,

Bad boys fulfill some women’s need of mystery and excitement in their relationships.

I find that very true. That and also some women like to think that they can fix their men. Unless the man beats her up, the woman can also overlook a lot of his flaws if he’s nice to her in general. Then again, even if he beats her up, she’ll probably go back to him anyway.

Though for the most part, the men going into those relationships will remain the same. But perhaps the women who love them are merely going through a phase and will probably grow tired of looking after their bad boys. So if you can’t help yourself and fall for a woman like that, you just have to wait till she grows out of that phase, and hope for the best.

Don’t wait too long though. ;)

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