Rich Guy for her, Pretty Girl for him

June 29, 2009 4:23 PM

The other day, I was telling Tham one of my theories about how men and women select their mates.

Two guys of similar appearance and personality.
Nice guys.
One is rich, one not so rich.
The girl will always pick the rich one.

I don’t see anything wrong with the above. I don’t see any need to get bitter about it because that’s the reality.

A couple of months back there was an episode of “Lie To Me” where the lie-detection experts were hired by a rich guy to analyse his fiance. His question: does she love him for him or because he’s rich?

After speaking with the woman casually without her knowing who they were, and analysing her responses and body language, the team of experts concluded that she does indeed love him for his money. The rich guy was disappointed and wanted to call off the wedding. Then the team added, “Yes she loves you for your money, but she also loves you. To her, the two are indistinguishable.” Still not convinced by that argument, the team then poses the question, “How is that different to you loving her because she’s a beautiful woman?”

And the answer is: there is no difference. Men are biologically driven to mate with young and pretty women because those traits are perceived to be synonymous with health and good genes, while women prefer mates who can provide for her and her children.*

So as much as we like to think of ourselves as not being shallow or materialistic, to a certain extent we all are. So, let’s not get hung up about it, let’s accept the reality and mate accordingly. At the very least, I dare say that that will lead to less angst and bitterness about who doesn’t deserve whom. ;)

* for further reading on this, check out Desmond Morris’ excellent documentary and book, “The Human Animal“.

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