10 out of 10 men agree: Megan Fox is hot

July 2, 2009 2:10 PM

A recent study done at Wake Forest University and Queens College in the US found that when it comes to physical attractiveness of the opposite sex, there are frequently more consensus among men than there are among women.

“Men agree a lot more about who they find attractive and unattractive than women agree about who they find attractive and unattractive,” says Dustin Wood, assistant professor of psychology. “This study shows we can quantify the extent to which men agree about which women are attractive and vice versa.”

Science Daily – Rating Attractiveness: Consensus Among Men, Not Women, Study Finds

What this means is that a group of men will almost certainly find the same women attractive, while what some women will find physically attractive is not necessarily true for other women in the same group.

Translation: heterosexual men faces more competition for mates than heterosexual women do. Indirectly, this means men need to expend more time, energy and yes, money, in attracting mates and then guarding them from other potential suitors.

Women may have you think that it’s hard to be a woman in the dating game too, that it ain’t easy looking pretty all the time, and men can be such jerks and you think it’s easy walking in these heels?!

But I dare say that men have to go through more for the same goal. Why do we need to get into a good school? So that we can get a good job. Why do we need a good job? So that we can have money. And why do we need to have money? So that we can afford a nice car, a house and nice dinners at expensive restaurants. And why do we do all of that? Chicks, man. It’s all for the chicks. ;)

Megan Fox and Harvii, the kid who tried to give her a flower
(see Defamer)

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