Getting girls and bullshit tolerance

August 3, 2009 4:29 PM

Tham, Simon and I had drinks last night. And when three single guys get liquored up, the conversation inevitably turns to women. The main thesis of the night was that in order to get a girl, our tolerance for bullshit has to be high. That no matter how nice the girl is, she will have her idiosyncrasies and most of them will be peculiar to the male brain.

Which is not to say that our wives and girlfriends don’t have to deal with our shit either. No one is perfect and so, bullshit tolerance is required from females too. Though here’s my thought on this: what if you don’t need someone to tolerate your bullshit? What if you don’t care enough about that to want to reduce the bullshit that you inflict on potential girlfriends? Or what if you don’t tolerate enough bullshit to withstand a relationship, such that you don’t expect someone to tolerate your bullshit in return, and so you subconsciously prevent a relationship from starting?

All of which describes how I have been in the past few years. I will get interested in a girl but the moment I spot a character flaw that I don’t want to put up with, I lose interest. So far in hindsight, I am glad that things have happened the way they did and how my sanity-preservation instincts had kicked in. How long I’d maintain this mindset I don’t know. Though maybe I should up my bullshit tolerance a bit more, just enough to get me laid perhaps. ‘Cos you know, it’s been a while. :mrgreen:

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