To be the rebound or not to be?

February 4, 2010 1:01 PM

What if the person that you have a crazy crush on is suddenly single? What if you knew she was on the verge of breaking up with her boyfriend and you have been waiting for that day and it’s now finally happened? Would you jump in straight away or do you wait?

Would you tell her how you feel but at the same time, tell her you’d understand that she will need some time though really, you can’t wait to be with her?

But even if she already knows about how you feel, would you jump straight into a relationship with her?

What if you decide that she needs to go through a rebound first before you can be together? What if her rebound turns out to be another long term boyfriend? Would you go insane? I know I would.

What if you decide that you don’t care about being the rebound, and that you just want to be with her no matter how short the relationship might be? Would you regret it that you blew the one chance of being with her forever?

And how do you know which is the right decision? I know I don’t. Though I have a hunch that I’ll be impulsive and not care about being the rebound. Life is too short to over-analyse it.

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