Plenty of fish in the sea that you don’t want

March 8, 2010 4:05 PM

A school of fish
MaugiArt @ flickr

The saying goes that there are “plenty of fish in the sea” so why obsess over one? As logical as that sounds though, your brain isn’t always logical is it? Chemicals in our brains play havoc with our logic and conspire against our common sense.

We fall for people who are not suitable, who are not available, who manipulate us, and we hurt ourselves more often than not because we are foolhardy with our emotions. But we can’t help ourselves because we can’t help liking the person that we like. You don’t want plenty of fish in the ocean – you don’t care that there are plenty of fish, you just want the one and only one. Only that single person can make you happy. Or so you thought at the time.

You may catch that fish. But you may not, and the pain and the frustration and emotional roller-coaster that you go through because you can’t catch the fish that you really want can really mess you up.

And I don’t think it matters how many times you go through it, your emotions will still get the better of your logic most of the time. It’s all chemical, innit? But if you are lucky like me, you learn from that one big crush that did not go your way, and learn to cope with it much better.

The roller-coaster rides last much shorter and you comprehend that there are really plenty of fish in the sea. In other words, with age comes maturity, patience and wisdom. Or so I would like to think. :)

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