Hey Asian guys: stop carrying your girlfriend’s handbags!

April 20, 2010 4:09 PM

I’ve seen more than a few instances where an Asian guy is carrying his girlfriend’s handbag or purse. Seriously. Stop it.

I can only think of a few exceptions when you should hold on to her handbag or purse:

  • She’s trying on clothes.
  • She’s going to a public toilet and she doesn’t want to carry it in.
  • She’s holding your baby.

Yeah that’s it.

If you are out and about just walking around doing some shopping, by all means carry her shopping. But you draw the line at her handbag. It doesn’t make you look like a gentleman, and it doesn’t make you cool in a metrosexual way. It just makes you look like a wet sop.

If her handbag is too heavy for her to carry, help her remove any junk that she doesn’t need on a daily basis. Anything carried for a “just-in-case” scenario should be kept at home. Here are what I think should be her essentials: lipstick or lip gloss, touch-up make up with small mirror, backup tampon or pad, phone, keys, money and assorted credit cards and membership cards.

If she’s carrying a magazine or a book as well in that oversized bag of hers, you better be giving her a stern look when she makes you carry her bag. You hear me?! Man up! :mrgreen:

Cristiano Ronaldo carrying a man purse
Unless you are Cristiano Ronaldo, and even then it’s debatable. :P
(via Socialite Life, image source)

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